Anthropocene & the World Elephant Day. August 12, 2017. And the remaining Elephants in this world represents us, the human species.

World Elephant Day
August 12, 2017.

August 12, 2017 is the global "World Elephant Day" and the remaining Elephants in this world represents us all.
While the human population forever increases ( for now ) we grab more land and more resources from the dwindling population of animals left on this planet.
And then, we get angry and kill them when they get annoyed with us encroaching perpetually on their personal space while ruining their food and soil, very nature and air and water they are dependant on.

Such is the human blindness and lack of empathy and foresight.

Some people pull dolphins out of the water to force the animals to pose for selfies, and then they leave them to die on the beach.
Some torture sharks for youtube videos. Some burn pigs alive just for fun, others spend their days beating pigs to death, just for fun. Or allow them to continue living locked up in factories with broken bones protruding out of their skin.
And others scream in terror when animal mothers protect their cubs against the strange people that insist on swimming closer and closer to their newly borns.
And some of course do not wish to see a single beaver or wolf or bear, or eagle, not even a rabbit or bird anywhere they happen to be. Because, well, who knows.

[ Oceans run the risk of having more total weight of plastic than fish.]

2016 marked the hottest year in modern times, the highest sea level since we started looking in a proper way for that, 8cm + above the 1993 average, and the most heat-trapping gases ever emitted.
Atmospheric CO2 concentration reached 402.9 parts per million (ppm), surpassing 400 ppm for the first time in the Anthropocene, and in 800,000 years old data records.
2016 was also a year of drought with 12% of world wide land mass experiencing drought no matter which month of the year we look at.

And while poachers continue to kill the Elephants in Africa ( and India ), countries such as the UK continues to facilitate global export of "legal" ivory products. A sad trade that 100% needs to stop since it allows new ivory to sneak into the "legal" trade which is based on old ivory.
The worlds largest exporters of "legal" ivory is not China or Africa or India, nor is it Vietnam. It is instead a sad title held by countries such as Italy and Great Britain.

One million slaughtered Elephants.
England which I will continue to bash on this sad subject once upon a time slaughtered one million wild African Elephants to create its supply of ivory ( and some Asian ones too obviously ) and is now without shame calling this their "legal" ivory trade.
The same country, England that is, also continues to invest more money in fossil fuel around the world than they do in sustainable energy production and storage. Investments which are a contributor not just to all our human global issues but the daily issues and threats to all animal species, such as the Elephants and the Tigers.
And while they do that, they continue to debate the horror of the rewilded introduction of the horrible beaver, as if the beaver is a wild European animal that threatens to wreak havoc on the ivory loving brits :)...

No, instead, the beaver is a healthy and natural caretaker that helps mitigate flood issues, pollution, and drought and zapped wildlife areas.
You see animals like the beaver, and the elephant, they promote a stronger and more healthy and thriving and resilient natural area where they live.
We might object to their presence from our futile and selfish human ego centric world view, but facts are facts when beavers are allowed to care for their natural surroundings the amount of species in the fauna increases. Plants grow healthier and more diverse, and other animals thrive too.
Which is a good thing for nearby farmers. And better yet a 100% sustainable and cheap way to deal with floodings and soil degradation which requires zero human labor.

And the elephant is very much the same thing, just super sized.
In both cases, the solution to a better way forward for us, and those animals is for the human species to learn to allow animals to do what they do so much better than us, simply putting our human ego to the side instead of interfering and going about things in our own lackluster way.

And for that to happen, we need to use our know how and technology to create a healthier and more sustainable world, creating more efficient food production, less destructive cities, and constructions and daily living.
Less fossil fuel, less pollution, less wasteful littering, cleaner and smarter travel, and more secure areas for wildlife and people, to do their healthy thing. The day we do these things, that is the day we, the human race have truly learned to live as an advanced and globally developed and educated species, living in harmony with the rest of the planetary ecosystem.
Unlike the savage and destructive plight, we still remain today.

But today at least, we celebrate the Elephants day because while we might still be unaware of our place in that natural ecosystem and how to properly use tech and science to better the world and our own life, we have at least started to understand that we have done things way wrong, for far too long and that is at least a very positive sign of real progress.
Other signs of progress is the creation of sustainable and life improving projects that benefits both people, this planet and its wildlife, such as the Indian 101 corridors program and the European wide rewilding projects, which are two big undertakings which together with increased sustainable energy production and food production will perpetually improve life for wildlife and humans.

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