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  • Health & Fitness: The unhealthy reality of the MMA style weight cut. A BBC documentary.

    Quality time needed: 7 minutes

    The Unhealthy Practice of MMA weight cutting
    The Science of a Healthy Life

    For most people getting a bit more fit, and healthy by eating cleaner food and less calories and working out more is a great life improving choice.
    And for most, that will lead to health improving reductions in unhealthy body fat levels and body weight. But as we previously talked about in another article, when you are already in shape, rocking a fit and toned body, eating healthy amounts of healthy food, doing weights and cardio, there comes a limit where dropping even more in body weight and body fat becomes damaging and unhealthy instead of health and fitness improving.

    And beyond that basic reality, you have the insanity of MMA and Boxing weight cuts that far to many pro fighters go through just so they can fight in a weight class that they are to athletic and big to actually be fighting in.
    I am saying that because MMA style weight cutting is not something that anyone interested in health and fitness should ever do.

    Neither should pro fighters in my own opinion. In a ideal world you would be the only one doing MMA style weight cuts, allowing you to fight people 20 to 30 lbs smaller than you, with much shorter leg and arm reach, 20+lbs less muscle mass and all the disadvantage that would give them in strength, endurance, strike impact and absorption.
    But you see, when every other fighter do the same weight cut, no one benefits, and everybody suffers from the exact same detrimental and unhealthy exhaustion that MMA style weight cuts are. With less fitness come fight night and potentially worse health for the long haul as the only real result.

  • Health & Fitness: Daily Milk, Fruit and Vegetable consumption, in relation to your mortality rate and health.

    Quality time needed: 10 minutes

    Dairy for the fit and healthy guidelines
    The Science of a Healthy Life

    Time and science continually march forward, and that is a thing of utmost beauty. But that simple fact also requires all of us to keep an open mind towards the way we do our own fit and healthy life so that we can continually adapt and improve as we uncover new layers of scientifically established health and fitness knowledge, and at times, accept that new health and fitness science-based knowledge might force us to change direction and toss out old established "truths".

    So today we find ourselves in a brave new world where a comprehensive Swedish study covering the health impact of daily dairy and fruit consumption ended up giving us so much new scientifically based knowledge about our health and food choices that the time has come to update our "dairy for the fit and healthy guidelines".

    Organic and sugar-free yogurt is still with us, while milk is completely tossed to the side, yes even lactose-free milk gets the boot out my door.
    Why you might ask?
    Well, the answer is simply put science baby, adapt or die :).

    Milk is as far as we understand it right now causing real health issues over time that simply do not happen when you consume sugar-free yogurt or no dairy at all.
    This Swedish study involved close to 200 000 people, and the accumulated data over several years indicates that a high milk consumption shortens individuals life span through increased oxidative stress and inflammation caused by that daily milk consumption.
    And as such milk has to go since yogurt provides all the same high-quality nutrition as milk and thus, all the benefits of dairy can be met through organic, sugar-free yogurt without risking the by now, strongly implicated long-term health issues associated with drinking milk.

  • Healthy living: When protein face off with protein, what comes out on top? Red meat, plants, nuts, dairy?. And how will it impact health, strength and even the effects of old age.

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    Meat vs Plant when Protein gets to battle Protein & age.
    The Science of a healthy Life

    In a recently published study, we got to take a pretty comprehensive look at nearly 3,000 men and women all aged between 19 and 72.
    The study participants complete protein intake as well as all the various protein and food sources they consumed was measured. Including various dairy products, red meat and the healthier fish & chicken and plant-based protein sources. Beyond that the study also made sure to measure each participants lean muscle mass, their bone density, and individual strength.

    The takeaway?.
    When looking at the complete study, it was evident ( and to no surprise ) that the less protein you consumed the lower amount of muscle mass and strength. But to the surprise of some, the type of protein each person favored did not have any impact on their strength and musculoskeletal health, and there were no differences based on gender or age group.

    So keep active, eat healthy and make sure to include enough protein, and yeah, skip that red meat based protein right away because it provides zero health and fitness benefit for anyone.

  • Health: Sedentary living and obesity alters your brain in a negative way, just as much as it hurts your general fitness and health.

    Quality time needed: 7 minutes

    The health and age of your brain & how it correlates with Obesity
    The science of a Healthy Life


    You already know how we can rejuvenate and strengthen the health and fitness level, and physical size of our brain even at age 85 by lifting challenging weights on a regular weekly basis. ( read the 'a healthy biceps equals a healthy brain article' )
    But how about the opposite?.
    Will sedentary living and over eating harm or physically affect our brain earlier on in life in a negative way?.
    The answer is, of course, an absolute 'hell yes'.

  • TLDR: The many health benefits of daily sunlight exposure. New study shines a light on increased T cell capacity and daylight.

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    & it´s many health benefits.

    We all know that natural sunlight helps our body produce essential Vitamin D.
    And today we also know that a small, daily dose of natural sunlight is equally beneficial for our mood and mental well-being, it helps us improve and maintain our bone health all through life. Reduces cancer risk and strengthens our immune system, possibly through the increase in the capacity of T Lymphocytes that daily sunlight exposure has proven to give rise to.

    In short, get a small 20 to 60 minutes dose of outdoor daylight, every day, all year round all through life. It is that essential for lifelong health in body and mind.
    So, go ahead and kick the lazy bug in the ass and just get some daily exposure outside in the sun.
    20 - 60 minutes per day.
    It is that essential for lifelong health in body and mind. No matter if you are a sedentary and unhealthy person or a kick ass fit and active super food eating beast :). To the surprise of some perhaps, make sure that the daily 20 to 60-minute exposure is free of protective sun-blockers.

  • Keeping fit and active is keeping healthy for all of life: The Great Exercises: 'Deadlift' by Mike Koontz

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    The Science of a Healthy Life


    This is the first piece in a short series of gym and fitness articles that will take a look at the great compound exercises that should be a recurring part of every fit and active, and healthy living persons weekly workout schedule. And in this article, it´s all about the mighty beast called deadlift.

    More than any other exercise deadlift is the one I think of as the king of a strong and healthy full body development.

  • Age old truth & Wisdom: Keep your muscles fit, for lifelong health in body and mind. A stronger biceps equals a healthier 85 year old brain. Science study

    Quality time needed: 9 minutes



    Body & Mind
    Train your biceps because it equals a healthier brain too


    We all knew this. A healthy body equals a healthy mind.
    But a recent science study showcase something that might be news for you. Wonderful, health inspiring news and incentive to keep fit and active all through life. In short: A group of people between age 55 to 86 with a case of 'mild cognitive impairment', commonly called dementia were tasked with lifting challenging weights a few times per week. The recipe was simple, Rep away on roughly 80% of your maximum one rep weight. The conclusion: The stronger their body became, the stronger, fitter and bigger their brain also ended up being. Or as the lead scientist said: "improvement in cognition function was related to their muscle strength gains".

  • Box your way to increased health and fitness. The beauty of MMA.

    Quality time needed: 16 minutes

    MMA Workout
    Body and Health through MMA
    The Science of a healthy life

    Movement in feet and body. Hooks, cross, jab, kicks and uppercut. Knees and elbows all combined make for a wonderful way towards better health and fitness. Mastering martial arts makes you better at self defense, sure. But more importantly it provides tremendous health and fitness benefit no matter age and previous experience. And it is great fun too, enjoyed as much by men as it is enjoyed by girls.

  • The Science of shaping your Gluteus for better health and fitness: Hip Thrust

    Quality time needed: 7 minutes


    A fit ass
    will benefit your entire body
    The Science of a healthy life


    Squat, Deadlifts, Lunges. The represents of the holy trinity of leg and ass workouts.
    And for good reason. They shape you, push you, and evolve your entire body and health better than anything else out there. But, there are, of course, a lot of other exercises out there that also deserve some attention. One of those is the odd bird called 'Hip thrust'. And while I usually prefer compound exercises over smaller and more focused exercises this is actually a wonderful exercise for keeping your ass not just fit and toned, but as a side effect your entire body healthy and strong as well. In fact, as far as your gluteus go, Hip thrust is scientifically speaking the number one exercise when it comes down to isolating & activating that delicious looking thing that is your ass.

  • Healthy and tasty food: Fresh Scandinavian cloudberry smoothie

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    Healthy living & Tasty Food
    a fresh taste from the Scandinavian wilderness
    The Science of a healthy life

    Keeping fit and healthy requires not just daily physical activity and proper recovery, those activities and your ongoing health demands tasty and healthy food to fuel your body and mind with the needed energy to maintain your own health and fitness level.
    And our Scandinavian cloudberry smoothie is just that. Tasty, quick to do, and stuffed with delicious health.

    Fresh cloudberries or blueberries. Sugar-free and ecological yogurt and kvarg ( think really creamy greek yogurt, smooth like the sweetest vanilla ice cream ever tasted, and choke full of proteins ).
    And if needed, you can spice it up by adding a tiny little bit of luxurious real whipped cream and cacao on top.

    Read on to get the super easy and super healthy recipe in full.

  • Fitness: Biceps, Abs and Triceps workout. Healthy, fit & active the viking style.

    Quality time needed: 9 minutes


    Biceps & Triceps workout
    'Like a Viking'
    The Science of a healthy life


    This weeks biceps and triceps workout took place today and I decided to switch some minor things up, resulting in a wonderful and sweaty challenge.
    After 5 set of close grip bench press for triceps I decided to create one giant set by combining dips ( triceps ) and barbell curls ( biceps ) with a special biceps pull up version of "hanging leg raises".
    I repeated this giant set 3 times before finishing my workout with 3 set of biceps dumbbell curls for each arm ( no rest between sets for those dumbbells ) and one more set of hanging leg raises.

    In addition, todays workout ended with 5 minute of sprint intervals and 20 minute of MMA.  

  • Fit and healthy for life: 7 day workout plan. V03 - Like a Viking

    Quality time needed: 8 minutes

    7 Day workout plan
     V03 - 'Like a Viking'
    The Science of a healthy life

    Welcome to the third version of our 7 days long, one-week workout plan for increased health, strength, lean muscle mass, and cardiovascular performance. This round is paying tribute to all those fit and brave old Norse men and women that traversed beyond the boundaries of our known world. So do it like a Viking and kill it in the gym with an unyielding will. 4 days of lifting intense, challenging weights pushing beyond your own limitations each set. Every set will have you using drop sets, and once you are done lifting weights, every workout is followed by 100% 5-minute long sprint interval rushes.

    In addition, 2 days of cardio/MMA classes, and 7 days of lower every day paced cardio.  

  • Fit and healthy - 7 day workout plan. V02 - Healthy fit. Toned & girly chic

    Quality time needed: 7 minutes


    7 Day workout plan
     V02 - 'Healthy fit. Toned & girly chic'
    The Science of a healthy life


    This is the second of our 7 days long, one-week workout plan for increased health, strength, lean muscle mass, and cardiovascular performance. This time aptly named for it´s target group, girls of all ages that would like to improve their health and fitness level while also ending up with a more petite and feminine toned body in the style of Minka Kelly . 2 days of lifting challenging weights. 3 days of classes and more intense cardio and 7 days of lower every day paced cardio is what awaits you in version two of our complete workout plans for a life of real health and fitness.  

  • Fit and healthy - ageless health and fitness beyond 40. Biological age versus chronological. Updated

    Quality time needed: 31 minutes


    Fit beyond 40
    active, fit and healthy, becoming ageless


    Life as a young, fit, healthy and toned guy/girl do not end once you leave your precious 29 behind you. Instead, the fit and healthy, young and happy feeling definition that people so eagerly, and so mistakenly wrong have persisted in pushing on to each other as a young person's realm since the dawn of mankind will only keep on moving up, up and up as we continually increase our healthy lifespan by making healthier choices.


    There are absolutely real things in life and health, our body and mind that change as we mature and grow no matter what we do. But the saying that 55 is the new 20 is absolutely true and soon it will be 69.

  • Gym: 7 day Workout Plan. Strength, health & cardio. V 01 - The complete lifestyle

    Quality time needed: 9 minutes

    7 Day workout plan
     V01 - 'The Complete Lifestyle'
    The Science of a healthy life

    A short, but hopefully inspirational 7 days long, one-week workout plan for increased health, strength, lean muscle mass, and cardiovascular performance. A truly tried and tested approach to not just a healthier and more fit body, but also increased healthy longevity.

    Presented both as a visual daily timeline, and a long form article. 

  • Healthy and fit: My workout day. A day in the fit and healthy life of Mike Koontz.

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    My Workout(s) for the day - Your inspiration?
    The Science of a healthy life

    There is, of course, nothing perfect or news worthy with what I did today. But hopefully, my workouts for the day can serve as fuel for someone to kick up their own health and activity choices for the week and days to come. And if so, me taking the time to write this little write up in the middle of my wonderful but stacked day is well worth it :). In short: Chest + abs and not just one, but 5 cardio sessions kept me one happy, fit and healthy pup today :).

  • Health & Fitness: Biological aging speeds up when eating red meat.

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes


    Red Meat is making you age prematurely
    The Science of a healthy life


    I could have added a ? to that headline since it is not yet 100% verified that eating all forms of red meat on top of other negative health effects also speeds up our biological aging process. Then again, I am choosing not to do that since I am of the opinion that there is so much ample scientific evidence by now that people that care about their own and others health do need to cut back on the amount of red meat they eat. Be it cancer, obesity, vascular aging, mortality chance in general, diabetes or a destructively rapid aging process, red meat just isnt a great day to day food choice if health is a concern/interest.

  • Health: Worldwide State of Diabetes and what it tells us about sedentary living vs a fit and active lifestyle.

    Quality time needed: 4 minutes


    Adults with diabetes quadruple since 1980
    The Science of a healthy life


    WHO recently came out with a simple report that highlights how worldwide diabetes have quadrupled between 1980 and 2016. Sadly, zero people are surprised, or should at least not be surprised, since the increasing prevalence of diabetes ties directly in with the rise of over eating on shitty and healthy food and sitting still far too much.

    A change that continues to walk hand in hand with the rise of obesity.

  • Health: Daily orgasms lowers prostate cancer risk for men above 40 by quite a margin.

    Quality time needed: 1 minute


    Fulfilling Sex and our Daily Health
    The Science of a healthy life


    When it comes to sex you already know that I am always talking about the fulfilling kind of sex, for all involved. Naughty or sweet, outlandish or innocent does not matter.
    That´s up to all involved, how they all enjoy doing it.

    So, if we assume that you and your partner(s) already have a wonderful and fulfilling sex life. well, in that case, it will probably make you smile from ear to ear hearing that not only is sex generally speaking an incredibly fun way to improve one's general health, but it even protects against prostate cancer - and the more you do it, the better the protection.

    Talk about a wonderful incentive for more sex :).

    Men above 40 that enjoy 21 orgasms or more per month receives up to 22% less chance of developing prostate cancer.

  • Creatine. The essential? supplement for increased health & fitness.

    Quality time needed: 8 minutes

    Creatine for improved health
    In body & mind
    The Science of a healthy life

    Long thought of as one of few actually working sports supplements for increased anaerobic performance, more and more research is also revealing significant health benefits in body and mind for those that supplement their daily food with 5grams of creatine. Making it an especially interesting option, perhaps even essential, for the active and healthy people that have already reduced their meat consumption in order to further improve their long-term health & fitness level.

  • Gym inspiration for your next workout: Back, abs, triceps

    Quality time needed: 2 minutes

    Morning walks and evening weights
    Coffee & water
    The Science of a healthy life

    Yesterday was all cute frost and frozen berries, and today was rain and misty autumn views being served as breakfast. Yesterday was chest and abs, and today it was all about that mighty back and triceps.

  • Healthy & fit for life: The Great Exercises: "Barbell Shoulder Press".

    Quality time needed: 4 minutes


    Shoulder Press
    The Science of a Healthy Life


    Barbell shoulder press is one of my personal fav exercises. Well, come to think of it, I, of course, enjoy every single exercise there is :). But still, Barbell shoulder press is an excellent exercise for sculpting toned and strong, and healthy shoulders. And as a bonus, you will also activate your triceps and traps.

  • Fit beyond 40: The Great Exercises: "Barbell Squat" by Mike Koontz

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    Barbell Squat
    The Science of a Healthy Life

    This is the second article to focus on the truly body shaping lower body exercises. In our first one we talked about the properly named "Deadlift", and today it is time to dig deep into its virtual twin "Squats". In many ways, an exercise that is extremely similar to both deadlift and the amazing back exercise Standing barbell row. But just like those two Squats is deserving of you doing this bad boy/girl every single week for the rest of your life.

  • The great exercises: "Bench Press". Improve your chest, arms and shoulders.

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    Bench Press
    The Science of a Healthy Life

    This is part 6 in our ongoing series of articles that sees us covering all the great compound exercises that should be a permanent part of every fit and active and healthy lifestyle. In this article, it´s all about the classic bench press. A timeless chest exercise that´s stood the test of time for a reason, it works, and it works damn good when it comes down to creating a healthier and stronger upper body.

  • The Great Exercises: 'Triceps Dips', the body weight killer by Mike Koontz

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    Triceps Dips
    The Science of a Healthy Life

    Welcome to article number five in our series of articles covering the great compound exercises that all should be a permanent part of every fit and active, and healthy life. In this article, it is time for us to talk about dips, we previously mentioned this gruffy old classic in our article about closed-grip bench press and for good reasons, they are put together pretty much everything you will ever need for developing a strong, kick ass triceps.

  • The Great Exercises: 'Chins (Pull ups)', Building a kick ass upper body and healthier you.

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    Pull ups ( Chins )
    The Science of a Healthy Life

    This is article number four in our series covering all the great compound exercises that more than deserves to be included as a permanent part of your fit and active, and healthy life. In this article, we will take a look at one of the classic back exercises that also happens to be one of the very best things you can do for a strong, well-rounded and healthy body. This apex puppy is called Chins, or perhaps you prefer to call it Pull ups, either way it is the same thing.

  • The Great Exercises: 'Close Grip Bench Press'. Building a killer arm.

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes


    Close Grip Bench Press
    The Science of a Healthy Life


    This is the third article in our short series that sees us focusing on all the great compound exercises that should be a permanent part of every fit and active, and healthy living persons weekly workout schedule. In this article, the time has come to talk about the beast that is close-grip bench press.
    The only triceps exercise together with dips that you should always do.

  • The Great Exercises: 'Standing Barbell Row', quite possibly the third best full body exercise ever. And without a doubt the best pure back exercise.

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes


    Standing Barbell Row
    The Science of a Healthy Life


    This is our second article in a short series that will take a look at all the great compound exercises that should be a permanent part of every fit and active, and healthy living persons weekly workout schedule. In this article, the time has come to give the stage to the king of not just back exercises, but the king of upper body exercises.
    Standing barbell bent over row.

  • Healthy Living: Coffee vs Sugar, MMA cage fight. The science of a healthy life.

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    Coffee vs Sugar, MMA cage fight
    The science of a healthy life.

    For many, coffee and sugar represents two superpowers emerged in an unholy alliance.
    But, just what makes this combo tick, and what is actually what. How does it affect your health and everyday life. Yes, plenty of questions have evaded us for quite some time, and so, to find out the answer, we signed a contract with the previous couple to face off inside the octagon to determine who is actually top dog and what they do to our bodies.

  • A healthy life in body and mind, what is the biological change of going from 30 to 80+ years of age and how will fitness affect it. The sweet and simple facts and science of age related decline.

    Quality time needed: 3 minutes

    Fit and active vs sedentary living and age related decline.
    The Science of healthy living.

    When it comes down to the impact of aging your fears are more likely than not saying that you will grow fat and tired, ugly and unhealthy while losing huge amounts of lean muscle mass and capacity in body and mind, no matter what you do.
    Science will, however, say, listen, man, that is simply not true.

    A healthy man ( or woman ) that is living a sedentary life ( not being physically active enough on a daily basis by doing challenging cardio and lifting weights week in and week out ) will indeed lose about 30% of his or her lean muscle mass going from a biological age of 30 to 80.
    And the decline in cardio levels will be even higher and more rapid. And on top of that, we can add the very real cognitive decline that comes with both the natural age-related decline and the huge impact of sedentary living.
    But hold your horses and think about what I just said for a while.
    Not my choice of words, but the scientific reality of what I just wrote.

  • Tardigradous conversations with my gf

    Quality time needed: 1 minute

    life in the Anthropocene
    Vol. 04

    Living a long, and happy, fulfilling, and healthy,young, gracefully aging life has never been easier to do than it is in our life span. From the abundance of actual scientific breakthroughs and real insights, actually working medicine, insights in food and food production that is healthy and rejuvenating to eat, as opposed to what not to eat.
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Last Few Published Books and Articles

  • Book: 'Wings of a Raven, 2028AD'. The first book from the near future book universe 2028AD created by Mike Koontz. Mature and at times naughty storytelling and explicit events hide behind each page of this sci-fi tale. Less than 40 000 words.

    Suitable for a mature audience. 17+ and up. Adult storytelling and explicit events.
    UHD audio video book reading TBA
    Vacation read ( Three+ Nights Bed time read )
    'Wings of a Raven' By Mike Koontz is the first book in a shared contemporary book universe called 2028AD. Mature and at times even naughty storytelling and explicit events lurk behind each page as we traverse the known familiarities of planet Earth and the uncharted vastness of the universe.
    And if at any point and turn, you feel that you need more from this charming sci-fi universe, reach for the abyss of the dark world wide web and the home of every book and short story that relates to 2028AD right here at
    The first book in this sci-fi universe, is delivered with a touch of abstract horror, and the pleasure and kink of sensual and sultry naughty love. Mixed with moments of life and death, science, and space exploration, pollution, sex, war, poverty, famine. The man made horror and climate change.
    In the 2028AD universe Earth is a world wrought in chaos. And it is a place where hope and despair tumble and take turn with the trembling steps of colonizing other planets while the oceans on planet Earth keeps rising.
    Photography, and writing by Mike Koontz
    2018, a Norse View Imaging and Publishing

  • Fitness School, Do you know the right answer?. Question 10, Describe the complete meaning of the fitness word "repetition".

    Quality time needed: 3 minutes

    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 10 in our School of Fitness.
    Explain the word repetition as it applies to weight lifting.
    Every fitness routine talks about reps and set. But what does that mean, what constitutes a "repetition"?.

  • Moments from the wilderness, quality of life, offline vacation and book releases by Mike Koontz.

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    Moments from the wilderness
    Summer equals offline vacation

    Just a quick hello from my pristine offline vacation.
    I am still enjoying a wonderful and productive offline vacation, but life is this endless waterfall of unbridled inspiration in any given day's endless little things.
    It comes fully packed ( inspiration ) within the beings that inhabit those days, the separate and connected individual moments and all the everyday stuff.

    So I had to pop in for a quick long read post because life inspired me to try and capture the gorgeous real life art which is on full display right in our very own wildlife place, our garden of trees :).

  • Fitness School, Do you know the right answer?. Question 4, can you increase protein synthesis with 20% post workout?

    Quality time needed: 3 minutes

    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 4 in our School of Fitness.
    Is it beneficial in a measurable way for lean muscle mass recovery and protein synthesis to consume 40g of protein post workout instead of 20g?.

  • Fitness School, Do you know the right answer?. Agonist? Antagonist, Atrophy, Hyperplasia et cetera.

    Quality time needed: 3 minutes

    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    This is a short and quick educational Q&A category regarding the science of health and fitness. Each article in the "fitness school" category will provide you with a short question and three possible answers.
    Make your choice and click to reveal the correct answer to see if you are as well informed about the science of fitness and health as you believe you are.

  • Anthropocene: Volvo heralds the global end of the combustion engine-powered car.

    Quality time needed: 3 minutes

    the end of the combustion engine-powered car.
    Anthropocene is the science & footprint of you and me on Planet Earth

    This marks the end of the combustion engine-powered car.
    Volvo going all in on Electric engines in their car offerings.
    Starting 2019, every Volvo will make use of an electric motor.
    To top it off, Volvo will also make use of a completely climate neutral manufacturing operation by 2025.

    And while this is just one good ol car manufacturer crossing over to the better side of car manufacturing, Volvo will of course not be alone in this transition.
    Just as we see energy producers working their ass off to transition to a cleaner world without fossil fuel in their portfolios, car manufacturers are now all in on making safer ( autonomous cars ) and cleaner ( fully electric cars ) vehicles.

  • Anthropocene: a single strand of atoms, a prescient story about plastic litter, our warming oceans and individual health.

    Quality time needed: 10 minutes

    Plastic litter, a prescient story.
    Anthropocene is the science & art of life on Planet Earth

    At some point in life, you might discover yourself having walked far enough outside the map that plots the discourse of the common life that society expects all to follow beyond their birth, and at this point of discovery, this is where you might realize that you can cut out all the distractions of the buzzy bees, and the perceived connotations of what people stubbornly claims to be "just how it is", all while they seemingly refuse to see how things actually are.

    And once you do, the void of white noise and people without words of meaning to express, all the colors and moving shapes from all the non-essential patches that weaves together to raise a banner of hollowness will start to dissipate.

  • Planet Earth: open letter for our planet, health & mutual future to Merkel and our G20 leaders before their meeting with Trump.

    Quality time needed: 3 minutes

    Dear Chancellor Merkel.
    contemporary life is the science & art of Planet Earth

    Dear Chancellor Merkel, I am writing you in your role as one of the more public representatives of Europe ( and the prosperity of the entire world ).
    Billions of people reject Trump’s attempts to divide the world on climate change and our mutual health and wellbeing. His disregard for science and public progress, education, and health.
    And as such, we call on you to lead the G20 meeting towards a healthier and more sustainable future, with or without the involvement of the USA or any other country and leader that is willfully turning its back on the future of humanity, our planet, science, health, and equality.

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