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Today is Tuesday, or perhaps it is Wednesday or Monday, or even Friday at your corner of the world. But whatever the day and time, I hope that it is a beautiful day for you. It certainly is such where I am. The sun is shining and the air is as clean as it is healthy to breathe, and behind me, the coffee is brewing as I type these words. Even better still, in a few hours I have a romantic date waiting with my beautiful girlfriend.

Yes, today is a beautiful day by all accounts.
But today is also Earth day, or at least it should be.

So while for most that might be just another 'any given day' kind of thing in life, do consider for a brief second that we live in a world that absolutely needs us all to permanently change course today. As individuals, but also as citizens of the one global society that we all belong to.

Earth need us to rapidly grow a more proper awareness, not just in words like these, but in the way we do and see our world, our shared health, and reality. So before we all go about with living our own day, let us reflect for a brief few seconds upon this beautiful planet we all share.  



Photography & 'life is your art' product by Mike Koontz

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Earth is not the oldest kid on the block, but it is way older than us humans.



Planet Earth

[ A Pagan Name


Shared home ]


What your personal values are is, as always your personal view and choice, and nothing else.
It is a healthy aspect of human nature to make our own personal choices and to form our own educated opinions. And that freedom and desire to carve our own path in life and thought is such a tremendously beautiful, and essential part of what makes us all tick.

Be it a person's own religious views or the complete lack of them.
Be it personal greed and undying love for dirty harmful oil, or a person's preferred choice of growing slow, and out of shape and increasingly unhealthy, instead of doing things the other way around.

Reading books or not.
To drink your coffee pure black like I do, or having it served in the shape of a bowl of almost pure cream with a slight splash of coffee to go with all that cream.

Cats or dogs, Ice hockey or painting. Kinky sexual pleasures which you and your partners devour without disgrace, or if even the thought of innocent kisses makes you squirm with shame.

Those and so many other things in life all need to rest upon the same essential foundation.
And that is to be the fruits and seeds that are born out of choices and desires that follow your own heart and joy. Individual, and beautiful choices that will shape and form the way you live the rest of your days. Making tomorrow's world nothing more than what we are choosing to make it by our own choices.

No, it is true, that we can not change the fabric of reality, neither can we carve unlimited richness out of every situation and resource. But as always, you and no one else, within reason, make and shape your own future and thus, you will either choose to help and improve our everyday life on planet Earth or end up being a person that hinder and lessen all our global tomorrow.

Life is, beyond our free, individual will and desires, made up by basic, universal facts that we all do live with. Facts that never change no matter your culture or birthplace. The color of your skin or your preferred sexual activities.

Not even your taste in Star Wars movies have any real influence in life.
Neither is your choice of divine deities or the preferred color of your garden gnomes cap important in any real way outside of your own personal joy. You see, none of those personal things will ever change the basic facts of life, they are all important on a personal level but they never change the fabric of reality.

So please do, go ahead and make your own choices and allow others the same, but never confuse what is personal belief with the basic reality of our shared Universe.
When you pollute, you kill or hurt other actual human beings ( and animals ). And as such, if you are choosing to pollute in any way you are choosing to hurt everybody else's health no matter how you window dress it. If you do not enjoy sex or clean air to breathe, others still do.
And more importantly, those real needs has to be globally addressed and met.

Because sex that people enjoy is healthy sex. And clean air to breathe, well that too is something vital and healthy. Just ask people in Paris, Beijing, New Mexico and New York how they feel about having their own health carved down with decades just because of human pollution. Or why not take a look at India, home of some of the world's most devastating air pollution issues.

Those basic facts of life are essential, while fantasies are not. Health care is a real need. So is proper education and a livable income.

If you believe in fairy tales that is absolutely okay to do. No one is telling you that you can not believe in a long haired Jesus.
Feel free to do that as long as your own belief in those fantasies in no way violates others actual needs in life. You do not have to like modern day medicine, but you can not use your own religious faith as an excuse to deny others the essential and very real healthcare that they do need.


So let us talk about Earth.
Because Earth is a center piece in all this.
We all share it, and until we actually colonize other planets, Earth as of now is the only human home in our vast Universe.

Name: Earth
Age: 4.54 billion years. Give or take a few millions of years
Origin: Orbiting the sun in the milky way galaxy as the third planet from the sun.

Earth is the only planet in this corner of the Universe that is not named after a Roman deity but instead its name comes from the language of the Anglo/Germanic tribes.

Life: Earth is capable of supporting a vast number of ever changing intelligent life forms.
Ranging from sea dwelling creatures like Dolphins and whales to Homo Sapiens. Neanderthals, birds, monkeys and other intelligent species like pigs, dogs, cats.

Countless of species have vanished through history, and numerous new species continue to evolve. And right now in the age of Anthropocene, we are standing at the doorstep of another great mass extinction. 

Today we also know that Earth is just one of many planets in the Universe capable of supporting life. Potentially speaking, our Universe holds hundreds of millions of planets with the potential for some form of life. Perhaps our ever changing and evolving Universe holds the key to life on billions of planets. No one can say for sure, except that math and science tell us that life exists on countless of planets as abundant as the grains of sands on any given beach.


Mass: 5,972,190,000,000,000 billion kg
Equatorial Diameter: 12,756 km
Polar Diameter: 12,714 km
Equatorial Circumference: 40,030 km
1 Moon.

And yes, it is true, Earth, do not move in perfect speed or rotation.
Just as life and climate continually change and adapt to what we do, our planet's course through space changes too. Nor is our day actually 24 hours (but very close to it) or our magnetic field an infinite constant. As life changes, so do our living, breathing planet too, and with it the entire universe.

Climate: Right now the climate at large is warming up and changing. Globally speaking, this is happening in an artificially exaggerated and harmful way that affects all of Earth and all it´s current and future species. From the rapidly rising sea levels to a loss of ice and snow, and ever-warming and changing climate. We see huge changes in trepidation and agricultural and biodiversity loss. Apparently, we have had a 2000% increase in methane in the last 10 year or so.

All sorts of issues that are all made much worse due to Homo Sapiens continually putting select corporate, national and individual profit ahead of what is good and healthy for far too long. Short sighted choices that continue to happen at the expense of all our globally shared health and well-being. 

Our global ecosystem can still partially recover from this neglect with our help, or at the very least, slow down and prevent the worst case scenarios. If we give it a helping hand, and if we do it globally now.

Food: In the hunt for growing profit and production capacity humanity industrialized food production a long time ago.
Which if we are honest about it, is a potentially good thing. There is nothing wrong with going high tech. In fact, healthy and sustainable farming 2.0 needs high tech and scientific breakthroughs on all levels as much as our planet needs it in order to go clean, green, healthy and sustainable. Science and technological advancements such as autonomous cars and robots are our friend if we care about creating a healthier and better life for all people.

But sadly up until now, food and farm production did not happen with the intent of producing healthier food in a more effective and less harmful way. Instead, the so-called progress that was made up until now allowed us to scavenge and poison large areas of Earth as well as exterminate and exploit a large portion of other species as well as each other.

Somehow, our corporate and political, and social leaders decided that it was more important to produce food that was as profitable as possible instead of producing food that was as healthy and sustainable to eat and produce as possible.

Harmful and shortsighted choices which beyond ravaging our planet also meant that a majority of people on this planet did not get to drink and eat affordable or healthy water, milk and food with a proper nutritional value and density. And hundreds of millions still do not.

Instead, people are today forced to buy unsustainable and unhealthy beverages and food. If they can even afford that.

Our water and money and natural resources continue being wastefully used up instead of providing us all with a healthier and longer and more sustainable life. Going green and healthy and equal, and sustainable on a global basis is 100% possible to do if national leaders such as Trump simply decide to do so instead of putting corporate greed before the needs of actual human beings. 

Air quality: In more sustainable countries and areas, like the Scandinavian nations, the air quality and nature itself is still at large, a joyful and healthy experience. Many would be correct in saying that it is today in far better shape than it was just 100 years ago in a lot of places.

But on the other hand, in a growing number of cities and countries all over the world, the air quality today is nothing but unsustainable. So unhealthy at times that hundreds of millions of people worldwide already have their natural life span cut short with decades due to the low and unhealthy air quality they are forced to breathe.

To change this, we need all countries all over the world to prioritize a healthy air quality and daily life. We need an honest debate about science, climate, and health. The current air, water, food and soil pollution problem will only continue to grow as well as spread. Unless we all change our mutual ways.

After all, no single countries air, water, land or food production is in any way shielded from the rest of the world. We are all part of the same shared ecosystem. Amount of wealth and power will not change that simple fact of life. And the only way to change it is to take a mutually global responsibility across all nations around the world.


The future is bright, for all of us.

But really, not all is black and grim. I know, for a lot of people our current present day life. Life in the Anthropocene as I usually call it, seem nothing but black and hopeless. When people like myself point out one wrong plenty of people do not see or hear the possibilities for change which the door that is wide open provides us with.

But that is the opposite of what is actually happening. That is not seeing the trees for the forest, or perhaps the forest for the one tree that is broken.

Plenty of things is far from perfect. We can all see that. We all understand that. Previous generations have put us all in a very bad position, and some of our leaders are still refusing to see life on Earth for what it is.

But, that is the thing.
Life today is not our doing. We did not create this. We are just living with what was put on the table. And that is a very bad place that those that came before us decided to give us.

So instead of looking at where others put us, and instead of trying to deny current day reality or going down in flames because it is too bleak to comprehend, look instead at the vast changes that we are all doing right now, and then look beyond that to the even bigger changes we are all capable of doing. Changes that greatly improve life on Earth every single day and year.

Yes. It will take some time to turn a giant ship like Earth around.

But in China, and many other places air quality ( soil and water too ) is now improving. Countless of countries around our globe is now firmly set on going 100% sustainable in a very short time frame. Great strides are being made not only in sustainable energy such as solar but also brand new and still developing clean energy solutions such as fusion are becoming more viable by the day. And traditional nuclear is actually starting to find new ways of becoming a little more green and sustainable.

Developed countries like Sweden will go 100% clean and renewable with their entire national need, and energy production in just a couple of decades, and around Europe fossil fuel driven vehicles are about to get banned.

Health care and education are better than ever around the globe.
Equality is better than ever. And while some fear the progress of science and equality, while some fear scientists breaking even more ground, science is a good and wonderful way forward that teaches us invaluable things every single day as long as that progress is guided by global health and equality.

It is true that past food producers have more or less poisoned hundreds of millions of people around the globe. All those obese people in today's world. Blame the food industry. Blame the lackluster politicians that could not have cared less about someone else's health and well-being. The degradation of quality soil, blame the unsustainable food industry and farmers, blame the greed of society and giant food chains.

Blame the errors of the past and change the future, because all these things can be altered, improved and reversed.
And as you do.

Never lose track of the fact that today we know about peak water, we know and understand that people need healthy food. We understand that dairy needs to be produced in a sustainable and healthy way. We understand that happy cows produce better milk and dairy.
We know that people need real and clean water to drink. We understand ( most at least ) that oil and shale have no future, people need sustainable and clean fuel and energy. Clean self-driving cars. Healthy science-based health care, real education. We need sustainable farming and healthy old soil that replenish.

We are today, all living in a world which understands that we all need a healthy planet and healthy animals.

Today our world is a world of hope.
Because we actually understand these things now. And it is not just empty talk anymore by greedy leaders that say one thing and take with the other hand behind their back.

Yes, of course. Some like that political fool Potus Donald Trump are still doing their best to deny climate change and the impact and importance of real science, inclusion and equality. That is very true.

Some like him will try to eat shit and swim in oil until their dying days because that is what benefit their own bank account without requiring any adjustments on their own and their friends part.

But that is now the powerless minority, not because they lack power and money but because you know better, science and facts of life actually tell you what you need to know to change the future.
The world today marches relentlessly towards a healthier and more sustainable world.

And that is a world that benefits us all.

One day AI and automated robotics will take over a majority of our workplaces.
But so what. It might be a scary thought. And it will be a bumpy ride until society has adjusted.

But that is not because of those future changes, that change is only bumpy because of our past errors and all the things still wrong in todays society. Reality is that it is more than possible for all of us to make a sustainable profit on sustainable and healthy practices and industries. In a truly shared and sustainable, and healthy society it will not even matter if you actually have a traditional job or not.

Politicians and corporations and individual people like you and I will continually make powerful changes every single day as we go forward. Changes which when put together will create a healthier and more sustainable world for us all to live and thrive in.

And this is already happening on a broad global scale and in hundreds of millions of individuals personal life and space.

All energy producers can go green, affordable and sustainable today if they wanted to. And they can all make a solid and very healthy amount of profit while doing so.

All food producers can today put an end to creating unhealthy and harmful food. If they wanted to. But even those that drag their feet will soon have to change as well. because very soon society will demand that change. Most of the developed world have already started to demand these changes because not doing so is hurting billions of people around the world. And come tomorrow, those that drag their feet will stand out even more as the harmful and impossible trolls that they in fact are. Refuting a change towards a healthier world is impossible because that is a doomed project.

Best of all, all those healthy and sustainable food and service producers will make an even better living producing food, goods, and services that are actually good and nutritious to eat and use, without harming the planet and other human beings.

Our water, food and soil crisis is very much real.
But it can and will be averted. It will not be avoided, but the day we, all of us. From individuals to countries, politicians and corporations make the choice to be less wasteful with clean and fresh water that is the day our global water crisis will stop being a crisis and instead transform into a sustainable future we can all deal with and enjoy.

Instead of fracking and coca cola, we should all drink healthy water and healthy, nutritionally rich beverages such as milk. What needs to change is the way we produce said milk and water, since it can and needs to be produced with a lot less water and other resources being used up. Using up one thousand liters of water to produce one liter of milk is just not okay or manageable since our resources are not infinite when used in such a wasteful way. 

There is today, not a single car manufacturer that needs to produce unsustainable and polluting cars. Tesla has proved this for years. And the big car manufacturers are all about to change their entire production lines too. There will soon be no more fossil fuel driven cars that kill and harm your health prematurely just by driving around.

No one needs to destroy the rain forests in the Amazonas or Sumatra, Papua New Guinea or Thailand. India or Burma to create toilet paper and palm oil. Nor do we need infinitely profit growing revenue in our corporations.

And let´s not forget, a healthy world will not take away that profit.
Plenty of studies clearly shows that most unsustainable corporations do not even make a real profit if you factor in the real cost of damages to people's health and our entire planet.

In other words, going green and clean and healthy, that is the only way to make a real profit, and as such is not that change the only thing that is actually worth doing?.

No farmer alive - or country - needs wolves and other positive animal species to go extinct.
Show me a single farmer that absolutely needs to produce unhealthy and unclean food while destroying the very earth its farmed from.
Who actually needs that?. No one needs hazardous pesticides to produce whole grains, potatoes, strawberries, and apples. And no person alive needs to snort Rhino horn or eat shark fins.

There is not a single politician that actually needs to stand up and lie to the world, claiming that air pollution is due to sand storms in Sahara. Or that Tar sands oil - or fracking in general - is needed to produce jobs and energy or that poor and unemployed people need to starve or live on the streets and go without proper and real healthcare, food and education while we lower taxes for the richest people and corporations. Those are artificial lies, and you know better even if you lack the will to change, you still know that simple truth that we have to change.

So what we do need is to individually choose to not continue doing life in that wasteful and quite retarded and selfish way that our ancestors did for so very long. And the best thing about it all is that even if you are not ready to choose to make the world a better place, there is enough global leaders and corporations, not to mention hundreds of millions of people that have already made the choice to actively create a better world because they too already know that simple truth that is staring us all in the face.

And as such, even someone as selfish and perhaps confused, as Donald Trump will despite his own views and worst intentions soon enjoy the benefits of a world that daily grows better and healthier, more sustainable and equal by the day. And that dear reader, that is progress and a better tomorrow and world for us all, and that is why every day is Earth day for us all.




Photography by NASA. This gorgeous photo of Saturns rings was taken in visible light with the Cassini spacecraft's narrow-angle camera on June 9, 2016.
It was acquired at a distance of approximately 1.1 million miles (1.8 million kilometers) from the rings.The real life scale is 7 miles (11 kilometers) per pixel. And how mindblowing is not that?








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    Do you know the answer to our question?.

    Question number 46 in our School of Fitness.
    Is it true that visceral adipose mass is associated with increased risk of hypertension, heart attack/angina, type 2 diabetes, and hyperlipidemia?.
    And just exactly what is visceral adipose mass?

    Read on beyond the break and dig deeper into our fitness school question before you pony up the right answer.

  • Fitness school, question 45: Will increased or maintained fitness rejuvenate & improve hippocampal activity beyond 60 years of age?

    Quality time needed: 1 minute

    Health is made from your daily choices.
    Do you know the answer to our question?.

    Question number 45 in our School of Fitness.
    Most people know by now that healthy fit choices in the gym and the forest trail, at home and in daily life are nothing but a ticket towards increased health and life span, in body and mind.
    But, the health of our biological system is made up of near-endless processes and aspects. And that certainly applies to the state of our brain. Hence today's focus on our brains hippocampal capacity and health.

    Read on beyond the break and dig deep down in our fitness school question.

  • Available Fine Art & Lifestyle products. Art, design and photography by M & M. Our products are produced and sold by #Society6.

    Quality time needed: 8 minutes

    Your life is your on going art and history
    Contemporary art & products for a healthy fit life and planet.

    Each of us is the mere sum of our unique life choices, our thoughts, and way.
    Be it in person, or through the way we shape life around us. This uniqueness is evident even in our own persona, our style and life choices that takes place on this endless every day path that we call life.It is as such, ever-present in the way we build and shape the castle and life which we call our home.
    You can feel and see it, in the choices of your clothes, and other peoples fitness regime.
    It is persistent through our art choices and the way we train and live our very own healthy fit life.

    It is forever present inside our deeply individual thoughts, and it is perpetually stamped in the essence of our unique nature. Read on beyond the break and step into our lifestyle store where you can buy clothes and fine art and other lifestyle products, with art, design and photography by M & M.

  • Fitness school, question 44: What is the actual weight of one cm3 lean muscle mass, and will that weight per cm3 be able to also differ ever so minuscule between fit people and out of shape people (generally speaking that is).

    Quality time needed: 1 minute

    A healthy life is a daily process created by making healthy science based choices.
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 44 in our School of Fitness.
    Time for a short and sweet little one.
    As stated in the subject line, lean muscle mass has another weight/density ratio than fat, so a body mass that is made up of more fat and less lean muscle mass will display a bigger mass at a lower body weight, while a body that has a greater amount of lean muscle mass will actually have a higher body weight compared to what its body mass might make you believe.

    Read on beyond the break and dwell deeper down into today's fitness school question.

  • Pressmeddelande: Biologiska mångfaldens dag 2019 tar en tur i naturen för en stund med naturfoto och fitness prat i Höga Kusten.

    Quality time needed: 1 minute

    a Norse View & Scandinavian.fitness.
    Biologiska mångfaldens dag 2019, Höga Kusten, Sverige.

    Humlesafari, fladdermuslyssning, fjärilsbingo, krypletning och fågelvandring – den 22 maj uppmärksammas den internationella FN-dagen Biologiska mångfaldens dag med en mängd olika evenemang runt om i Sverige.

    Den årligen återkommande bmf dagen är numera en av Sveriges största naturhögtider och 2019 arrangerar naturorganisationer, kommuner, skolor, myndigheter,företag och privatpersoner över 200 aktiviteter runt om i landet, från Kiruna i norr till Ystad i söder. Det görs både för att visa upp vår artrika natur och för att uppmärksamma en av vår tids stora ödesfrågor – den oroväckande snabba förlusten av biologisk mångfald.

    I Höga Kusten arrangerar Mike från a Norse View och Scandinavian.fitness en dagstur ut i naturen där vi blandar naturfoto i en vacker insjömiljö och faktabaserat prat om kost, träning och hälsa.

  • Fitness school, question 42: Will maintained fitness reduce menstrual pain for the majority of women?

    Quality time needed: 1 minute

    Fitness is built upon the science of you.
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 42 in our School of Fitness.
    Fitness has been established in scientific studies in the last few years as a health-improving daily life painkiller.
    Making it even better is the fact that it comes completely free of cost and nerve-wracking & time-consuming doctors appointment and unhealthy side-effects. Lowering pain and debilitating health issues such as arthritis while fortifying your lifespan and health.

    But is that tremendous gratis painkiller effect applicable to menstrual pain too?.

  • Wildlife Facts: Camelopardalis, 'The camel that could have been a leopard'.. What animal am I talking about right now?

    Quality time needed: 9 minutes




     Arctic Sunrise - Year 4.5 Billion
    The camel that could have been a leopard.


    One of planet Earth´s most unique land-living animals still roaming about in the wild also happens to be one of the cutest and most enchanting, and gentle colossuses that have ever existed. Yet, somehow, despite the towering size and unique characteristics of these majestic critters they are also one of the lesser talked about wildlife stars. And so it happens that by now they are like so many other species highly endangered without anyone really paying attention.

    But perhaps that is the reward that life gave these majestic beings that float across the land they call home as if they are majestic land dwelling whales. A backseat in the human consciousness as we proceeded to decimate their global population with 40 or so % in less than 30 years.

  • Fitness school, question 41: The science of our human fitness anatomy. Scalenus Anterior, medius and posterior.

    Quality time needed: 1 minute

    Fitness is built upon your own anatomy.
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 41 in our School of Fitness.
    Beneath the tasty, delicious joy and sexiness of a life built on plant-based food and fitness, the weights you lift, the miles you walk and run. The mountains you climb, and the sandbags you punch and kick there is not just a burning passion and increased life quality. Nor is it just a question of the enhanced health and joy you can touch and feel deep inside both body & mind.
    No, there is also this marvelously progressive thing called science. Because all the physical fitness things, the sweat and healthy living discipline that others see are ultimately powered by the all-encompassing facts of biological life.

  • Fitness school, question 40: The science of sugar and intestine tumors... In both mice & men.

    Quality time needed: 8 minutes

    Yet another study on food & health.

    Looking at the impact of sugar in food and beverages.

    Sugar is a much beloved sweetener. Craved like a lovers touch by most biological beings that dare to ever look into the abyss and allow its tastebuds to grace this natural force of addiction.

    But as much as all things living seemingly enjoy the taste of sugar and more modern artificial sweeteners. Scientifically speaking the bad health impact of sugar ( from obesity to diabetes and cancer risk, poor dental health and non existing nutritional value ) and other sweeteners have thankfully turned countless of humans into die hard "no sugar" please sentinels. So let us take a brief look at a brand new 2019 study and let us find out if this study too will add even more reasons to say no to sugar and other sweeteners in your food and beverages.

  • Fitness school, question 39: Telomeres, the fancy sounding tail that connects healthy fit aging with fitness activities. Dive right in as we take a look at recent studies.

    Quality time needed: 13 minutes

    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 39 in our School of Fitness.
    I have talked about telomeres in years past, and fitness too obviously :).
    But such is the world of fitness, science, and health, it often revisits old "truths" and sometimes upends them because our knowledge has deepened, while new studies at other times will simply fortify and acknowledge what we already knew to be true.
    So what will happen today as we travel back to the world of that peachy sounding telomeres thingy that keeps wiggling its cute little tail inside of us? Let us find out.
    My Question:.
    For this particular study, published in European Heart Journal, Nov 2018, we´ll uncover what happens to the length of our telomeres when we do long distance endurance training, high-intensity sprint intervals, nothing at all or lift weights in a so-so way in the gym ( yeah, color me unimpressed by the strength plan in this study, but hold on to that thought as you read on because I will get back to the fairly inadequate strength training and why that too matters. ).
    The question, which option is the best for maintaining the length of our telomeres and what is the worst?.

  • Anthropocene & the survival of our brilliant but simpleminded species. Just another morning.

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    Breakfast stuff and morning thoughts.

    climate inaction is an existential threat.

    Nothing fancy or big worded to say today, I am just drinking some tasty fresh black coffee while various death metal songs keep pumping through my livingroom gear.
    Yes, what a glorious morning :).
    But while I am enjoying my morning routine, getting ready for the gym and my own workouts as well as the health and fitness regimes of today's PT clients I am also reading up on science and sustainability from around the world. And one of the pieces that stand out is a tonally laid-back piece by Swedish outlet DN. They spent the better part of a month or so following Swedish sustainability advocate Greta as she continues her quest to bring much-needed awareness to the sad state of the world and the essential, deep-rooted changes we as a species and global civilization urgently need to undertake.

  • Fitness school, question 38. Is obesity itself tied to diabetes type 2 and coronary artery disease?. Yes or no?.

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 38 in our School of Fitness.
    Time for a short one.
    Obesity is no friend of the bettering of our health and longevity.
    Just as how the old school act of serious bulking never did anyone's health and fitness levels any favors. And pointing this scientific reality out is not about fat shaming. It´s about helping the world and its individuals turn the tide toward better health, and better fitness. And doing so does not remove peoples individual right to pick whatever body size and fat percentage that they so prefer.
    My Question:.
    We already know that obesity ( and a fat powered high BMI ) increases unhealthy factors such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. And it often increases depression, drowsiness and general sedentary choices. Which indirectly leads to worse health in numerous ways. But if a person with a high fat powered BMI is deemed healthy as far as those traditional markers are concerned is excess fat itself still bad?
    Put in another way, will a higher amount of excess body fat still lead to worse health even if your bloodwork turns out ok and you do not feel depressed and drowsy and you do hit the gym?.

  • Fitness school, question 37: Can something as simple as a reduction of daily walking decrease our lean muscle mass in a noticeable way in just 2 weeks time?

    Quality time needed: 8 minutes

    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 37 in our School of Fitness.
    Yes, it is once again time for you to put your thinking cap on before you proceed without hesitation through the hallway of healthy fit wonders and science :).
    You already know that keeping fit and lifting your weekly weights and doing your daily cardio is nothing but a rejuvenating choice. It's good for your strength, duh.. It is wondrously good for your harty heart health, and it aids your cognitive and creative processes. It scientifically speaking lowers depression and tardy drowsiness. And if you have been keeping up with me over the years, you also know that keeping fit on a regular weekly basis also lowers your physical age by quite a noticeable margin too.
    But even small ordinary things like taking a daily walk carries with it a huge life long health and fitness impact.

    My Question:.
    What happens with our skeletal lean muscle mass for people above 70 years of age if they take a few thousand steps more or less per day for 2 weeks time?.
    Read on to reveal just how big the impact of that tiny change can be below the break.

  • Fitness School, Question 36, Will lifting weights 1-3 days per week be enough to lower cardiovascular related mortality?.

    Quality time needed: 3 minutes

    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 36 in our School of Fitness.
    All forms of fitness activity is a tiny little pill of good health no matter who you are.
    But is the simple act of lifting weights one to three days per week enough to substantially lower the risk of cardiovascular related mortality?.
    Yup, that is how easy and straightforward question number 36 turned out to be. And why? Because we have a brand new study to lean back on when it comes down to the (obvious) answer.
    Read on to reveal the complete Q and A below the break.

  • Going beyond 1.5C. Our world and daily life behind the IPCC report.

    Quality time needed: 27 minutes

    Cause & Consequence.

    Life on Earth laid bare by the IPCC report.

    But before we head on over to the meaty real life data of our reckless modern day life, which the 2018 IPCC report painfully laid bare, walk with me as I step out on frosty cold northern shores for my morning walk.

    Just a Thursday, spent on northern shores.
    And this is the way I started this gorgeous little Autumn day.

  • Roundabouts in the milky way galaxy. The duality of a sustainable earth, and interplanetary living.

    Quality time needed: 14 minutes

    Walking through the gates of autumn.

    We see a brand new dawn.

    Life itself is this majestic mirror world of brilliance and incompetence. Eternally merging and reflected, individually disengaged yet perfectly synchronized and attached to each other and everything else.

    Like the leaf that finds itself stranded on the wayward peaks of a stormy ocean. They are each others counterpart, yet entirely different. Individual objects, entwined and interconnected. Disengaged and perfectly unique.

  • Into Autumn, the spider´s lullaby. Random thoughts on life from another gorgeous day.

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    Walking through the gates of autumn.

    Together with a tiny little spider.

    And today, there´s officially a full-blown Autumn song playing out there in nature. Gorgeous and sunny, on a Sunday =). Wind free, except for the tiniest of breeze that you can almost not see or feel as it slowly makes it way through the crown of leaves that towers above.

    But it is, none the less, Autumn.
    The colors of the trees reveal it. The pale blue September moon that hangs high up in the middle of the day is another telltale.

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