Moments from the wilderness, quality of life, offline vacation and book releases by Mike Koontz.

Moments from the wilderness
Summer equals offline vacation

Just a quick hello from my pristine offline vacation.
I am still enjoying a wonderful and productive offline vacation, but life is this endless waterfall of unbridled inspiration in any given day's endless little things.
It comes fully packed ( inspiration ) within the beings that inhabit those days, the separate and connected individual moments and all the everyday stuff.

So I had to pop in for a quick long read post because life inspired me to try and capture the gorgeous real life art which is on full display right in our very own wildlife place, our garden of trees :).

[ Oceans run the risk of having more total weight of plastic than fish.]

Be it the black clouds of gathering ravens swirling across our tree top garden crowns, or the ephemeral sunrise that paints each day with similar looking yet completely unique shades of light and colors mixed with interstellar stories from far away travelers.
Inside a hot and naughty passionate kiss and the tunes of metal, the iron we break and mold with the sweat and pain of our muscles courtesy of our own health and fitness journey in the gym. The grandeur of the universe or the complexity of all things living, life inspires us all in every moment and every day.
If we allow ourselves to see that simple fact of life and inspiration is a completely different question, however.

But I certainly do.
And so, I had to pop right back into the stream and show you guys this gorgeous view of our enchanted wildlife garden.
This palace of wild is a meticulously cultivated rewilded garden and it inspires me through the sheer existence of it.

The way the increasing amount of wildflowers bend and wave in the lightness of the summer breeze and the way the wildlife itself claims it in ever greater number and makes it their own home each year.

That growing presence of ever more life is a slice of a life that is endlessly growing more vital and vibrant lush with each season that passes it by.
And as such, through the local wildlife flocking to our garden of trees and the vivid colors, hue and tonality, the range of blue and red, white and green, yellow, red and everything in between, through the endless song of plant and animal life.
I can now happily call this place of ours a proper pagan Eden, ever improving, ever growing wilder, yet more balanced and healthy :).

And that is what makes this garden, life itself, this photo, nature, great sex, health, fitness, great passion, music, joy and adventures, the wilderness of life and people and the cozy cold of a world drenched in snow and summer, an endless and wonderful loop of inspiration.
Which part gives birth to what, I do not know, nor do I care because they all inspire each other, they all give life to each other and it is all part of why life is endlessly worth loving and enjoying.

Well, for now, I am going back to my offline vacation :).
But in a few weeks time you can amongst other things look forward to another article of mine, talking about the health and fitness benefits of daily coffee consumption. And something new for my g+ columns, I am going to call it fitness school, 'Do you know' just as I am already doing here at 'a norse', and you will find it in my healthier living collection.
And in late August, I will publish the first proper 2028AD book.
'Wings of a raven, 2028AD' is turning out to be the first proper international 2028AD stories release. Followed later this year by the next book installation in my 2028AD universe, 'a matter of trees'. A book from which you have already been able to read several journal entries over on my g+ account.

Both of these books will be available not only here on my own library ( ) but they will also be available for the first time at your own local libraries around the world, and once they are published all you will have to do is request that your local library stock my 2028AD books so you can borrow them free of charge from your own city library.
Allowing you to support both me and your local library at the same time, free of charge for you.

Unless, of course, you just prefer reading my 2028AD books directly at my 'Norse view' library :). Either way, you prefer it, I remain a happy pup and you will before the end of this year have the option of borrowing my 2028AD books at your local library too.

See you soon world.

And do not forget to pick up all that trash that litters our world, and if you do pick it up, why not tell the world about it over on G+ or whatever friendly online platform you happen to enjoy.
Show it off even more and help spread the message of cleaning up Planet Earth by adding the #pickitupSunday or #PickThatTrash

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Last Few Published Books and Articles

  • Health & Fitness science: Maintain healthy mitochondria through exercise-induced mitophagy.

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    Health in muscles and heart.
    Life is your own art.

    New research once again showcases how exercise improves muscle health and, exercise capacity and how that positive mechanism with perpetual fitness regimes in the end greatly improves general health and longevity for each individual.
    Allowing continued fitness activity to become one of the finest predictors we have of general mortality and biological health and wellbeing in any given population and individual.
    This particular study was published in the journal Nature Communications and it digs deep down inside our bodies as it takes a long look at how exercise helps the body and mind keep healthy and strong by transforming and maintaining our body on a cellular level.

  • Anthropocene & the human health. Plastic litter in our salt, tap water, honey, fish & food. Land and soil and blood system.

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    Plastic Litter
    Tap water, Sea salt & Food.
    Life in the Anthropocene.

    In Europe, 72% of all tap water contains 1.9 fibers of plastic litter per 500ml of water.
    That number increases to 94% of all tap water in the USA which contains 4.8 plastic litter fibers per 500ml of water. And worldwide 83% of all tap water contains plastic litter.
    But the issue of plastic contamination in our water is not just about tap water, nor is it, as we have previously talked about, only a concern with sea food. This is a growing man-made health issue which has been going on for a very long time and by now it is part of every aspect of society and our natural world.
    For instance, scientists found plastics in products in studies on Chinese Sea salt in 2015.

  • Anthropocene: A long form article called Indonesia

    Quality time needed: 8 minutes

    17,000 islands & almost 260 million people
    Life in the Anthropocene.

    Indonesia is by all accounts one of the world's most populated nations with its soon to be 260 million strong population scattered across an astounding 17 000 islands. Another fascinating aspect of life in Indonesia is that in total its population is made up of over 300 different ethnic and linguistic groups that combined speak over 700 different languages.

  • Books & Publishing: How and where to buy or read 'Wings of a Raven, 2028AD'

    Quality time needed: 2 minutes

    Wings of a Raven, 2028AD.
    Book 1 in my mature, new adult Sci-fi universe.

    Wings of a Raven, 2028AD.
    Price: $2.99
    Print length: 147 Pages
    Publication date: August 2017
    ISBN: 9781537855714
    Read it at your local library or right here at my own 'a Norse View' library.
    Or if you so prefer you can buy it from your fav book store for 2.99US$.

  • Fitness School, Do you know the right answer?. Question 12, Running and the shock impact of each step.

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    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 12 in our School of Fitness.
    Today's question, running is a super healthy aspect of any fit & healthy lifestyle. But the brunt of running too often also put intense pressure and wear on feet and knees and tibia since our lower body absorbs almost all of the impact while we run.
    So how often do the average runner ( in general ) smash their delicate feet's and shin bone into that immovable ground per minute while they are ramping up the miles.

  • Fitness School, Do you know the right answer?. Question 11, Let us talk about that mighty beast Deadlift and all the stuff it activates.

    Quality time needed: 3 minutes

    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 11 in our School of Fitness.
    Today's question is as follows, which muscles are activated when you are busy killing it in the gym with the majestic "Deadlift" exercise.
    A lot of people rightfully think of Deadlift as the great full-body exercise. But what do you actually engage and stimulate when you go at it with this bad boy.

  • Science study: High Energy Food vs cancer risk and body fat increase in Women aged 50+.

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    High Energy Food
    vs Cancer and increased body mass.

    In a study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, researchers investigated the relationship between dietary food choices which contain a high-energy density ( DED ) and the cancer risk and body mass increase in women aged 50 years +.

  • Book: 'Wings of a Raven, 2028AD'. The first book from the near future book universe 2028AD created by Mike Koontz. Mature and at times naughty storytelling and explicit events hide behind each page of this sci-fi tale. Less than 40 000 words.

    Suitable for a mature audience. 17+ and up. Adult storytelling and explicit events.
    UHD audio video book reading TBA
    Vacation read ( Three+ Nights Bed time read )
    'Wings of a Raven' By Mike Koontz is the first book in a shared contemporary book universe called 2028AD. Mature and at times even naughty storytelling and explicit events lurk behind each page as we traverse the known familiarities of planet Earth and the uncharted vastness of the universe.
    And if at any point and turn, you feel that you need more from this charming sci-fi universe, reach for the abyss of the dark world wide web and the home of every book and short story that relates to 2028AD right here at
    The first book in this sci-fi universe, is delivered with a touch of abstract horror, and the pleasure and kink of sensual and sultry naughty love. Mixed with moments of life and death, science, and space exploration, pollution, sex, war, poverty, famine. The man made horror and climate change.
    In the 2028AD universe Earth is a world wrought in chaos. And it is a place where hope and despair tumble and take turn with the trembling steps of colonizing other planets while the oceans on planet Earth keeps rising.
    Photography, and writing by Mike Koontz
    2018, a Norse View Imaging and Publishing

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