Moments before the snow and Sekkusu shinai shokogun. The art of human intimacy in society and individually.


Moments before the snow & Sekkusu shinai shokogun
The Science of a Healthy Life


Sekkusu shinai shokogun Is a Japanese term for the flight away from human intimacy.
But it represents so much more than being a fancy sounding term for the individual flight away from sexual enjoyment and fulfilling love.
What that phrase truly represent is not just physical sex, however, it is a loss of something fundamentally human in society at large.

Not surprisingly almost all humans require enjoying life, love, sex, and relationships in a way that is fulfilling towards their own personal needs, emotions, and desires. And when individual life becomes reduced to being nothing more than a slave to be used and abused by endless corporations. The state, a spouse, or simply someone else's selfish and never ending demands.
Be it monetary, sexual, emotional or otherwise, that person will grow unhappy with such an unbalanced way of life.

Life fulfillment and enjoyment is simply not measured by the size of your paycheck.
Nor can it ever be obtained on an endless one-sided road.
A minority might, of course, find that kind of draining one-way trip a wonderful and fulfilling life that truly makes every cell in their being happy, working away 20 hours per day. Giving time, energy, emotions and life itself to an utterly ungrateful and never ending taker that will never give anything that is even remotely close to being enough in return.




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The flight from human intimacy.

A minority might enjoy that emotional and unhealthy intellectual flogging that is true. But most other will grow unhappy and utterly drained in such an unhealthy environment. And that simple human truth goes for any situation and person where their own peculiar personal needs are not respected and fulfilled.
Be it love or health, joy, work, and hobbies, closeness, creative desires, sexual pleasures, and fulfillment or whatever.

No matter what aspect of life we are talking about, life is meant to be lived the way you would actually enjoy it to be.
So, whatever floats your personal boat, you go on and you do that if at all possible.
You make sure you enjoy the road ahead for your own sake, while you allow others that very same fulfilling support and freedom to do life their own fulfilling way.
Your culture or religion, your work, your personal relations or your own parent´s uprising and old societal ideas will never change who you truly are in any given moment of life. Your needs and desires in life are real, and someone else's thoughts and religious beliefs can never be allowed to change the importance for you to live a healthy and fulfilling life that makes you truly happy in big and small.

Hopefully one day, society, as a worldwide whole will realize that personal growth, health, desires, dreams, fulfillment, and quality of life is what is actually important for all the people that populate this one Earth.
And when you cater to that, the joy and need and health of each person´s life, that is when you are rewarded with a healthier society and happier more fulfilled people.

When you create an equal and healthy planet where people are all supported each day to go about life their own healthy and complete human way. That is where you will find that people are happy and fulfilled and pleased with life.

Fulfillment and healthy living will never be found in spending your life living out a long range of meaningless years spent doing someone else's bidding if that goes against your own personal needs, just because someone else told you to do it.
Unless of course, serving is your very real enjoyment that is.

And it certainly can be fun and healthy exploring that adult serving part in a more naughty, sexual kind of way if that tickles your fancy :).

But let us get back to the flight from human intimacy.

In Japan, the culture of working, working and working and living in overcrowded cities with little personal room and freedom for intimacy and time towards nature and other people is now a national threat as well as a severely unhealthy individual life destroying downer.
The long-standing Japanese culture of putting corporate and state honor before your own fulfillment, and for females to also put the man first in all circumstances in their life and relationship, and for both to neglect personal intimacy and romance even toward each other has created a modern day, first wide scale taste of the dystopian nonsexual, and nonemotional, dehumanized world of tomorrow.

No, this is not the fun filled and sustainable high-tech sci-fi cities and life which we all want and deserve but no, instead of hyperloop transportation and rich and thriving city meadows and healthy people and city living that encourage society to live and love and prosper individually as well as a society, Japan have created the dystopian and boring sci-fi world of cold-hearted Donald Trump politicians.

You know the kind of sci-fi world that monitors you 24/7 so you do not slack on your 20 hours long work day before you sleep in an office cubicle only to repeat it all for 7 days before you get to spend 12 hours with your partner all while air pollution and unsustainable industries continue transforming our beautiful planet to an unhealthy and damaging hell hole from mars that will chew you up and never spit you out as thanks for slaving away.

Japan is not that off the rails of course, but that is the direction the Japanese society have been walking in for quite some time already.

And that will of course only promote unhappy and unhealthy people. Even worse, this is sadly a growing present day trend not limited to Japan, and worldwide we can see people choosing solitude and monk-like lives, spending their time in life as corporate and cultural autonomous beings withdrawing from deep emotional and physical bonds with each other and from emotionally and intellectually fulfilling lives. In many ways, distancing themselves from life itself just to serve the artificial bondage of money, pack, and nation.

There is of course nothing wrong with solitude, so do not get me wrong, we all need solitude, and an income, those things can be incredibly healthy to have in some degree in our life :).

But we are not talking about a healthy balance here. This is a loss of crucial human parts on an individual level when people and society as a whole shy away from even the desire to find someone or several special ones in their life with whom they can enjoy emotional, and sexual joy and pleasure. Not to mention go about enjoying a full and healthy life.

A special someone is a person or people with whom they do not share love, and physical and emotional closeness and fulfilling pleasures with due to traditional values and the bullying demands of society, but instead are choosing for their own deep joy and pleasured living.

And when we end up with a large scale situation where people do not even desire to find real joy, pleasures, sex and health, and satisfaction in life due to the demands from the unfulfilled and dehumanizing society they are surrounded by, and instead of enjoying life feel so suffocated and exhausted that they are choosing to stay sex and loveless for all of life.

That is when something deeply human and crucial has been lost.
Being single or at least not in an exclusive relation is not wrong.
Being childless is absolutely not wrong. In fact, that could actually be a huge life and relationship improving choice.
Remaining unmarried is not wrong at all. And whatever you wish to pursue as job and hobbies and all, that is the right passion in life.

All these things can just like a sexually submissive person be the exactly right way to do life for that person.

But when close to 40% of the adults under 40 in an entire nation is choosing to remain without love and sexual fulfilment due to not feeling a real hope of ever finding joy and fulfilling pleasures and life, in life and a relationship, sexual or otherwise, then there is something wrong with how that entire society is doing things and the way they are treating and viewing people's quality of life and their respective needs.

This dehumanized way of treating people more as autonomous slave workers without rights and needs instead of the unique and fascinating human beings we all are with endless shades of unique and wonderful sexual, emotional and intellectual needs that need to be fulfilled, is of course, not just an issue in Japan.

There has been a long dehumanizing culture all over the world, with China and USA and east Germany and Russia. Iran and Saudi Arabia and North Korea all serving as prime examples.

In all fairness, we could, of course, add a lot more bad examples in that mix of nations.
Eugenics and lobotomy and the horrible treatment of less fortunate people is sadly a far too common theme in our global history, from witch hunts to legalizing domestic abuse of wives and putting horny girls in sanitoriums. The list of wrongdoings is long and plentiful and every nation across the entire planet is represented.

But it is not so much about which countries or cultures, or even the subject we chose to talk about tho.
Instead, this comes down to the simple fact that this dehumanizing thing always lead to people being a lot less happy and fulfilled then the case is in other nations where personal fulfillment, rights and freedom, sex, health and joy and quality of life and love is valued at a much higher level.

Japan a shrinking population

In Japan, things have been taken to it´s far end to such a degree that by 2060, the 120 million population has been estimated to shrink with one third!. Yes, in a time of climate change and record-breaking global population growth numbers Japans population numbers are actually projected to lose about 30 million people in less than 50 years time.

In one way, if the entire world did the same negative population growth change that could actually be a good thing for the survivability and balance of the human race, but today we are talking about the joy and health of individual people and that one single life we all get to do, not the threat of unsustainable societies and growing populations.

A third of all Japanese people below 30 has never had a single date in their entire life.
And 45% of Japanese females under 24 have no interest in, and even worse, even despise sexual contact.
No, life and sex is not about giving birth to children or going on dates or getting married.
But when 40% of Japanese females in their 20´s are projected to never have a baby due to their own choosing and their opinion that finding fulfilling and healthy love and sex, and relations do not work in this ungrateful and unhappy world.

Well, I am sorry to be blunt but that is a very tangible hint that Japan is doing the human intimacy thing very wrong.

One of lives greatest wonders is fulfilling sex, and when close to 50% of the horny population view sex as so bad that they have zero interest in pursuing great sex with a great lover, well something is obviously extremely wrong.


When societies all over the world are 'labeling' working moms as oniyome, or "devil wives", which is the English words for that Japanese term - that is solely about dehumanizing people's individuality and their deeply rooted human need for fulfilling sex and love, and life. It is in that case just one more tool to deprive people of the will and perceived right to do life in a personally fulfilling and satisfying way.

And as such, it is as damaging and unhealthy as when other parts of the world preach about abortion being a sin that people can not be allowed to even talk about ( I am looking at you Donald Trump ) or Putin's Russia starts to talk about how men need to have the right to physically beat up their wives, and this is an actual political conversation in a society where a woman is already killed as a result of domestic violence every 44 minute!. When people and their elected leaders take steps to diminish people's actual quality of life there is something substantially wrong in that entire society.

A wrong that is as multifaceted as it is damaging and unhealthy as when mothers have to marry and stay married to the father of their kids no matter what their personal feelings and needs in life actually are.

It is, just as wrong as the people and cultures that believe that girls are thought to be deserving to be killed if they are venturing along life´s windy roads with the wrong person. The differences are mere shades of black, nothing more.

There are countless of different ways this dehumanizing takes place and form.

From the war on science and climate change, the war on real science based education, the war on facts and equality, and crucial thinking. When people promote imaginary fantasies and alternate realities instead of talking honestly about the state of people's own lives and the world we all share.
That is all about taking away personal fulfillment, the individual joy and pleasure from other people's unique, and beautiful, individuals life and needs just to further your own bank account and position.

Live life people.
On your own or with someone you love.
Society and others have no say in what actually makes you happy or sad.
Train hard as hell, eat healthy food, stay healthy and fresh. And have lots of kinky and perfect sex with the right lover for you.

Or get out of shape and party hard if you are an unhealthy but happy slob, just don't pollute the world and others health as you do it :).
Or better yet never party. Plant strawberries, kiss, make love, take photos, work hard or spend your life in the sun. Drive a clean and self-driving, electric car or take the bicycle around town every day of life.
Read a book or write one.
Raise a child or stay childless.

Have a job, be a student, or be unemployed if that is the temporary situation.

Just live the rest of your life the way that actually makes you happy, and allow others the same freedom and rights to do the same.
The past is just the past and not a big ass grindstone to drown yourself and others with. And as such there is no need to keep yourself or others from missing out on the rest of your journey through life.

Life is yours to live and do, and it is also the only adventure you will ever get to enjoy your own way, religion and its promise of other realms, is just fantasies people.

No matter if that is being a single mom that is working, or if we are talking about a married couple with one or both having a job. It can be a same-sex couple, divorced, or single. Married x 10, or just happy kinky co-living.
Make a million bucks, or choose to sell hot crickets.

Chase whatever job you can find, or choose to remain self-employed just so you can paint and write at your own leisure.
Be rich or poor.
Do whatever kind of combination and way that you can imagine that is truly making life better for your sake.
Live life, it is yours after all, and no one else's to enjoy, just do it in a nondestructive way and stop getting in the way of actual scientific progress and real human needs for everybody else and yourself.

Choose every day to live life in ways that are leading you towards a better personal fulfillment for you.
Do that without hurting the health and freedom, the rights and education and needs of everybody else.
We need more science and education in this world, not less.
We need better health care and joy, better science, sustainable societies and more equality.

What we do need less of is all the alternative realities some leaders and people talk about. We need less bullshit, less dehumanizing leaders, and religions, and we need less hatred. This world needs more of reality, the simple reality we all live in. Science, health, progress, equality, joy, sex, sustainability, jobs, income, education, rights and a healthy world and life for all of us.

Enjoy your life, your way.
Just allow others the very same kind of freedom, and support to go for their own, desires, their dreams, and joy. Careers, love, sex, and health.
That is what life is about.

Wishing little refugee kids to starve and die, or to hate on low-income people, and actual teachers and scientists that educate people on actual facts in life. To cherish when mothers to be die in childbirth because of crap shot healthcare and reproduction rights.

That is not how to do life.
Neither is ever ignoring reality and science, and all the real needs of people and this planet in the name of profit and gods.

Make life your own, no matter what that fulfilling path consists of.
Just make sure you actually live this life. Do not get stuck in an alternate reality loop that someone else set out to fabricate.
Because you own your life.

And finding happiness and doing this one life that we have, in a way that is enjoyable for you. that is your right. And it is equally much everybody else's right in life too, and no one, not society, not your neighbors, not your workplace or relatives, "friends", lovers or strangers have the right to deny you a fulfilling and healthy life today and tomorrow, so take care of each other and our planet, we human animals are all what makes life rich and when we strip humanity away from society and life in each other, we to lose that essential part of our human intimacy and beauty, and that is not how to be a human being.



It was the year

4.5 Billion

[ "and

with the rising


we turned,

the pages

of a brand new day" ]


The winter tree I see

You will find ghosts
And shadows
out in the plains, the open, endless fields and
sparsely shaded
On the sloping hills
of the gardens
and worlds
of encompassing
white light

shades, of light and shadows
making love, and holding hands
























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    It shows in the gym, and the board room, the way you handle your lover, and in the style and feel of your living room.
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    And beyond that basic reality, you have the insanity of MMA and Boxing weight cuts that far to many pro fighters go through just so they can fight in a weight class that they are to athletic and big to actually be fighting in.
    I am saying that because MMA style weight cutting is not something that anyone interested in health and fitness should ever do.

    Neither should pro fighters in my own opinion. In a ideal world you would be the only one doing MMA style weight cuts, allowing you to fight people 20 to 30 lbs smaller than you, with much shorter leg and arm reach, 20+lbs less muscle mass and all the disadvantage that would give them in strength, endurance, strike impact and absorption.
    But you see, when every other fighter do the same weight cut, no one benefits, and everybody suffers from the exact same detrimental and unhealthy exhaustion that MMA style weight cuts are. With less fitness come fight night and potentially worse health for the long haul as the only real result.

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    Why you might ask?
    Well, the answer is simply put science baby, adapt or die :).

    Milk is as far as we understand it right now causing real health issues over time that simply do not happen when you consume sugar-free yogurt or no dairy at all.
    This Swedish study involved close to 200 000 people, and the accumulated data over several years indicates that a high milk consumption shortens individuals life span through increased oxidative stress and inflammation caused by that daily milk consumption.
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    As if it is not already bad enough with modern day life´s annoying sidekick, air pollution, causing cancer, asthma and respiratory diseases and crazy smog in a growing number of cities. We can now add dementia to the list of unpleasant and unhealthy effects that life in any unsustainable society will cause through air pollution.

    Swedish researchers at Umeå University have uncovered compelling evidence for a direct link between air pollution and dementia. The run down is that if you happen to live in an area that leaves you exposed to air pollution you will run a 40 percent greater risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia compared to if you would have chosen to live in a city with healthier air and environment.

  • Book: "Legend of the Stone Cutter'', is a short fantasy adaptation of a man that wished for ever more . Originally written by the authors Brother Grimm with minor writing by Mike Koontz. This is an 1 hour long bed time read.

    Kid Friendly
    UHD book reading video TBA
    Short story ( coffee break bite )
    The legend of the stone cutter is often thought of as a Japanese folktale. But there are also seeds of pagan Europe and other parts of Asia in its many origins and crossroads.

    It weaves the tale of a poor man, plagued with unhappiness for his own lot in life. This man worked as a highly skilled but poorly paid stonecutter, and one day he simply came to the conclusion that enough was enough and that he deserved so much more than who he was. His wish for transformative change came to be through the aid of a supernatural being, and with that his greedy appetite for a world of ever more was awoken, until one day he had come full circle and reached a state of peace with himself.
    Written by no one, and everyone.
    Before this slightly altered version, the German authors Brothers Grimm put their thoughts to the pen, but you also had the Scottish author Andrew Lang writing his very own version of the stone cutter. And there have been countless of Asian authors and Nordic ones throughout history, before and after the Brothers Grimm. And as such, I am sure, many others that told their own version of this old folktale, because like the wind, this is an ageless story about life and man, and like the wind I am sure that it will both transform and stay the same for thousands of years to come.
    Enjoy the read!.

    Photography and web adaptation and minor writing by Mike Koontz
    2017, a Norse View Imaging and Publishing

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    In a recently published study, we got to take a pretty comprehensive look at nearly 3,000 men and women all aged between 19 and 72.
    The study participants complete protein intake as well as all the various protein and food sources they consumed was measured. Including various dairy products, red meat and the healthier fish & chicken and plant-based protein sources. Beyond that the study also made sure to measure each participants lean muscle mass, their bone density, and individual strength.

    The takeaway?.
    When looking at the complete study, it was evident ( and to no surprise ) that the less protein you consumed the lower amount of muscle mass and strength. But to the surprise of some, the type of protein each person favored did not have any impact on their strength and musculoskeletal health, and there were no differences based on gender or age group.

    So keep active, eat healthy and make sure to include enough protein, and yeah, skip that red meat based protein right away because it provides zero health and fitness benefit for anyone.

  • Book: "Ligeia'', is a strange tale of love and those who cross back from the realm of the dead. Written by author Edgar Allan Poe. This is an 1 hour long bed time read.

    Suitable for teens and up. Explicit storytelling and events.
    UHD book reading video TBA
    Short story (One Evening Bed time read)
    Ligeia is an hour long read, taking us through a haunted dream when the beloved dead will rise again and make the journey back across the river, from the realm of the dead. And perhaps in this story it is in truth that we get to meet the tormented man that was Edgar Allan Poe.
    Enjoy the read!.

    Photography and web adaptation: Mike Koontz
    2017, a Norse View Imaging and Publishing

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    On continuous gusts of solar wind mixed with terrestrial ions Earth shower the moon with earthborn oxygen
    The Science of Life

    Outside our blue wonders shielded atmosphere, the coldness of space is filled with the burning solar wind. The dust and speckles of stars, radiation, vacuum and alien stuff like dark matter and gigantic black holes. It is a marvel of glorious destruction and life that continuously mix and merge outside our calm home, organic chaos tearing down and building new life things across the vastness of time and our Universe.

    And amongst it all, somehow, each month, Earth fires up its magnetic shields as we position ourselves between the sun and the moon, and for five whole day´s we Earthlings shower our cute little friend with Earthbound oxygen and organic matter.
    In other words, we colonize and shape the very fabric of the alien entity we call the moon with Earthborn biological life and air, organic matter traveling from our blue marble all the way to the moon through the dark void on the winds of the sun.

  • The global Environment Performance Index: Scandinavia sweeps the top 4 as the worlds best.

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    Environmental Performance Index
     Scandinavia leads the world
    The Science of a healthy life


    2016 years Environmental Performance Index tells us in one more way, what we already know, and that is that Scandinavia is one hell of a wonderful place to live. The world's four best nations according to the index are all Scandinavians with Finland, Iceland, and Sweden being the only 3 nations in the world with an EPI score above 90.
    ( All three still have plenty of room to improve much more, and obviously do need to improve much more. )
    And just behind that trio, ranked as number four in the world is Denmark. So, just what is the Environmental Performance Index? Read on to find out.

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