The magic of Midsummer, a pagan day of life, harvest, endless sunshine, sex and joy in Scandinavia.

midsummers magic.
contemporary life is our own art

Wishing the entire world a wonderful midsummer with this silly midsummer poem and summery views which you can read beyond the break.
creativity is a combination of having a thirst and desire for the discipline of exploring the world, and a fully alive spirit to consume all that life has, and to finally, spit it all out in a new shape and form for others to indulge in.

At the crest of midsummer's magic.

I walked quite slow
down the slope of midnight's snowy mountain
never straight
was the strangeness
of the line that led me, into this
place, of old
and ancient
souls that gather
like clay and stone and living bark

that slowly
grow and bend their way through life
as the tidal wave of time
across and down
the way
into this glade
I found

In the presence of the night
they whisper to each other
like phantoms of the coming age,
they stand in silent
and in pagan ways, the kiss of life
they exchange
growing words of a
language no one, never heard

that soon share, the secrets
of the universe
hiding just outside, of eye
and mind

those that have, all watched and learned
how to reach

for the stars that are hiding
at the edge of our wily mind

But standing here
at this open glade
I ever see
is the mirage
image of your naked skin and flowing hair
one arm
moving down
towards the water not yet frozen
like a mirror phantasm, seen through distant space

Someone pulled the veil of snow to cloak and hide this world
and now we stand
around this circle dressed in springtime green
my eyes can see
the way you dance between the birch tree white
the rings of water
that swirls and hurls at every step that is taken
with these trees

a howl and growl
reveals the wild
as the brown bears gather
right next to the pack
of hunting wolves that endless run

and now it is, quite peculiar, I find myself
with the wilderness
buried by the snow and ice that
wraps around our warming blood
we transcend the land and water

through us all

the murmur spreads and rise
far across
the sky and tidal wave that blackens
when the ravens
this worlds summon

and here we stand
in snow and dark
ice and spring, eternal sun
and we find ourselves
quite transfixed
as we witness the unfolding dance
of life and you

until the moment
when more ancient ones
those that slumber, beings of this world, rise up too

from their graves and earthly soil, like the trees that never bow
and soon we all
find ourselves

like the pagans, sinful free,
with the flowers
and the tree
that holds the sun
and chasing moon in this dance that never settles

[ Oceans run the risk of having more total weight of plastic than fish.]

Midsummer is not at all a Christian thing as some would like you to believe, instead it is quite an ancient pagan celebration which around the world marks the ancient middle of summer, astronomically it could even be called the beginning of Summer. And if anything, it is a celebration of life at its purest and most raw and wonderful form.
In the Scandinavian countries midsummer is today considered a celebration of the endless sunshine filled days & nights ( summer solstice ) which reach their height roughly around the time of midsummer.

During the Viking age, Scandinavians spent midsummer celebrating sex and life and fertility which also tied into a bountiful crop and the two pagan gods Frey and Freya, which, minus the two gods, is in other words, more or less how the Swedish people and other Scandinavians still spend their sun filled summer day, and that is of course the proper way to do midsommar, a celebration of all the good things there is in life and not a worry for man made fantasies and prejudice:).
Midsummer is considered a public holiday in Sweden and in every way there is it absolutely matches Christmas snow filled celebration of winter solstice and for many it is without a doubt a much more relaxed and enjoyable day.

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