Equality is a healthier life: Hell on earth can be found inside the hollow neglect that is life on GB road in Delhi, India.

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India is a wonderful nation of immense potential and filled with fascinating heritage and culture, but it can also be quite a sad and horrible place for women and children.
We have the ever present and immense pollution and poverty. The inequality that seems almost steeped in the seams of its old and rich history.
And almost always guided and directed towards the poor, and more than anything females.
You also have something even worse, related but different. And this sordid face of the underbelly of the rapidly changing but still traditional Indian society is best represented by a road that could be described as the road to hell on Earth.

GB road in Dehli, India is that horrible place that seems to revel in breaking down and abusing human beings, decimating and reducing others beautiful promise and potential to something that is as mundane and taken for granted as a cup of coffee, It is a place that reduces others ( mainly girls ) into something that exists solely for your own daily life to continue as is.

[ Oceans run the risk of having more total weight of plastic than fish.]

GB road turns people into something that is nothing more than black coffee.
After all, coffee is a life giver in people's ordinary daily life. But it requires no care, no thought, no love, no affection or consideration ( even tho a lot of people absolutely do love their coffee, and even take pride in buying fair trade & sustainable coffee ).
For most, however, that black cup of coffee exists solely for you, right in that moment with no past or present or future to consider.
And that is what GB road in Dehli, India is selling. That is the true nature of this multi headed beast.

It´s just that what they are selling is not coffee, it is people, girls of all ages, to be raped and sold, abused and used with zero consideration, for as long as they can endure it. GB road is selling the message that this is normal and that this is what they are born to endure and that it somehow is your right to abuse those unfortunate girls only life until they die.
That is the daily life and death, the promise and the demand on all the tens of thousands of people living and working in GB road in Dehli, India.
And the thousands of people that make their living on this abuse, the thousands of people that show up on a daily schedule to abuse those that live and work along this road, they are just there for their own cup of morning coffee.

This particular cup of coffee is made of flesh and heart, body and mind, but there is no consideration, no care, no thought, no hope, no relief, no joy and love, no future or past. There is just a cup of coffee to be used and discarded.
At GB road in Dehli, India, hell is alive and well on Planet Earth.

Kids are drugged and abused until they submit to life just being this way, and once they are grown up, broken in to accept this reality they live and work at GB road for the rest of their life, shunned by society, ruined by perceived shame and abuse, and so they live and work and coerce others to do the same until they too die.
Sadly this is not the only place in the world or India that treats females this inhuman way, but this is without a doubt one of the worst places not currently torn asunder by war to be born a girl when it comes down to it.

The horrors of this place and the inequality and abuse of females across India will never end as long as the world keep looking at girls as nothing more than cattle.
The perpetuated errors do not have anything to do with tradition, culture or religion.
Instead, what this is, is something sordid born in people and selfish minded evil.
It is about not seeing the real value and unlimited promise and potential that lives equally much in all people.
And while we are not all guilty, most of the world is because looking away and allowing society to treat others in this way, that too is allowing this atrocity to continue.

Nothing that is going on at GB road is legal in India, and yet close to 30 million people living in Dehli seem to not see any of this even tho they all know that this is daily life at GB road in Dehli, India.
And more importantly, this is how it is to be born as a girl in India for millions of girls living in what is such an incredibly beautiful nation, a nation with such incredible promise and potential, yet this is the daily abuse and inequality that this beautiful nation allows with cruel negligence to continue.
And nothing about this will ever end as long as people look the other way, telling the lie to you and themselves that this is what you are born for and that nothing can or should change it.

That final part, that is not just about India tho, that applies to every nation and every culture, and religion, every city, and village across this entire world.
Because the issue is not just about slavery and trafficking.
What is going on at GB road is the extremely bad, that is for sure, but the same issues, looking at other people's actual need and promise, their potential as human beings, their rights and needs and equality as nothing more than a cup of coffee that only exists for you to consume, that issue can also be seen in the way that the entire world treats unemployed and sick people.

It can be seen in how people that are extremely wealthy and powerful, such as Donald Trump treat poor and unfortunate people's right to healthy and safe health care and education, and a livable income of their own. It can be seen all day long for all of life in how the wealthy and middle-income households seem to think that their own personal life can be made better by abusing others future and daily present.
These issues are all real and they are all connected.

We can see the same kind of issue in how some people go about telling each other that killing a female relative just because she fell in love with the wrong person or behaved ( in your mind ) sexually provocative or decided to cast away your abusive religious views is a perfectly reasonable behaviour.
All these things are connected, and they all boil down to how some people across this entire world view other human beings as no more deserving of the things that they enjoy than that cup of coffee which they, in turn, consume each day without a thought.
It can be seen in religious hate, intolerance, and blindness.
Gender fueled inequality and class based negligence. The same issue can even be seen in the wicked fossil fuel industry. The views that not everybody needs proper education, it can be experienced in the lack of healthy water and electricity.

And until all these things changes, one thing is for sure, and that is that Mahatma Gandhi would be utterly ashamed to see that this is still life in India and far too many places in this world. He would without a doubt weep over the fact that about 1 million female kids and 15 million people are living and working as slaves in India right now.
And to put things in context, despite those huge numbers, only 55 people were convicted for buying sex from a minor in India in 2015.

But he would also find hope in that there is those that do spend their daily life and work on creating a real and lasting change.
People and organizations such as Freedom firm which while not being perfect ( no one is ) do a wonderful and world improving job.

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