Health & Fitness: Daily Milk, Fruit and Vegetable consumption, in relation to your mortality rate and health.

Dairy for the fit and healthy guidelines
The Science of a Healthy Life

Time and science continually march forward, and that is a thing of utmost beauty. But that simple fact also requires all of us to keep an open mind towards the way we do our own fit and healthy life so that we can continually adapt and improve as we uncover new layers of scientifically established health and fitness knowledge, and at times, accept that new health and fitness science-based knowledge might force us to change direction and toss out old established "truths".

So today we find ourselves in a brave new world where a comprehensive Swedish study covering the health impact of daily dairy and fruit consumption ended up giving us so much new scientifically based knowledge about our health and food choices that the time has come to update our "dairy for the fit and healthy guidelines".

Organic and sugar-free yogurt is still with us, while milk is completely tossed to the side, yes even lactose-free milk gets the boot out my door.
Why you might ask?
Well, the answer is simply put science baby, adapt or die :).

Milk is as far as we understand it right now causing real health issues over time that simply do not happen when you consume sugar-free yogurt or no dairy at all.
This Swedish study involved close to 200 000 people, and the accumulated data over several years indicates that a high milk consumption shortens individuals life span through increased oxidative stress and inflammation caused by that daily milk consumption.
And as such milk has to go since yogurt provides all the same high-quality nutrition as milk and thus, all the benefits of dairy can be met through organic, sugar-free yogurt without risking the by now, strongly implicated long-term health issues associated with drinking milk.

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The science tells us why milk is bad for our health.

Milk is, obviously loaded with all the same super high quality nutrition as yoghurt is, so why is it bad for you if yoghurt is beneficial for health and fitness?.
Most of you already know that quite a lot of people are sensitive to lactose.
Tolerating lactose is not even our normal state, but a mutation that happened to primarily develop amongst pagan Europeans in Northern Europe. Due in part because cattle was a popular way to survive and farm in the cold kingdoms of northern Vikings. Providing both nutritionally rich milk and cheese, and meat when needed. But also because of the long and utterly dark winters, northern Europeans ( read, Scandinavians mainly ) needed to get way more efficient at sucking up the little Vitamin D that life in the cold north provided.

So Vikings did what nature do best, evolved through mutation. This however was not a bulletproof thing.
And so, what science has started to uncover in the last few years is just how bad the long term health impact of the milk based lactose is for most of us, and yes, it actually applies no matter if you are lactose intolerant or not.

And so the only real question that remains is what exactly the inflammation that drinking milk causes will do to our health and longevity, with and without the many protective health benefits of fruit and veggies.

You see, if you consume enough milk on a daily basis, and do not work out and eat a ton of fruit and veggies on a daily basis your body will keep building up such unhealthy amounts of lactose for as long as you keep up that daily milk consumption, that the inflammations and toxic stress will in the end cause a long range of serious health issues.
And sadly we are not just talking about a bloated gut anymore.

Currently available data actually show us that you will biologically speaking age prematurely from a high milk consumption!, other than that, you will also suffer from increasingly worse bone health the more milk you consume.
And finally, that additional inflammation from the d-galactose that is found in milk will in the end, even cause you to die prematurely. And due to some of the minor biological differences there is between men and females, girls will suffer the negative health impact of drinking milk to a higher degree than men. Which might be one reason why females seem to suffer more from brittle bones in old age.

The same data is also showing us that fruit and veggies, when consumed in high amounts on a daily basis protects us from some, but not all of those bad milk related health issues. And, no, we guys are not so lucky that we have some sort of infallible natural protection, in general this study allows us to say that if you are male and you are consuming more than 3 milk of glass per day you too will end up with worse health than you should.
And the reason why yoghurt is seemingly fine to consume, might come down to how yoghurt is manufactured, you see, there is absolutely no lactose left in yoghurt.
Even less than there is in "lactose free" milk.

But no matter why yoghurt seem to be free of the pretty serious health issues milk consumption comes with, fact of the matter is that none of those issues that are now associated with milk consumption have been noticed at this point of time when people consume sugar-free yoghurt instead.

So when we add the environmental issues to those health issues that science is now starting to uncover, well, the time had come for me to personally, stop drinking milk completely, something I did several months ago.
And since then my entire daily dairy consumption is now made up of nothing but sugar-free and organic yoghurt.

And as such, I can, of course, not recommend anyone else to continue drinking milk either, at least for now. In a few more years science might have taken a new road ahead or milk producers might have stepped up to the plate, accepted the science and started producing milk that is both way more sustainable and less wasteful with our planets limited resources, but also perfectly healthy to drink.
That might happen, but until that day I will continue to get my decently sized dairy fix from a daily and very tasty supply of sugar-free and creamy organic yoghurt instead.
And if you do the same, please note my fixation with sugar-free, do your health and fitness a proper service and always pick sugar-free yoghurt, it is that much healthier for you and you will soon notice that sugar-free yoghurt taste even better.
Beyond being sugar-free it should also be organic because dairy farms are just a hair less wasteful and environmentally bad than what red meat production is, so we should at least do our part and pick yoghurt products from the farmers that are less wasteful and destructive in their production.

Down below is a few lines from the Swedish study, edited by me for clarity's sake. And the link to the actual study can be found further down.

" By reducing oxidative stress and inflammation processes, higher daily fruit and vegetable intake has convincingly been shown to promote longevity and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and even some cancers.
Intriguingly, and supporting our scientific conclusions for dairy intake amongst women, there is evidence that fruits and vegetables can prevent the premature aging phenotype induced by galactose supplementation ( galactose is part of the milk you drink, but it is not found in youghurt. )"

And to conclude:
In total almost 99 000 Swedish women and 45,280 Swedish men ended up involved in this study.
Other findings last few years have been that milk consumption actually increase bone fracture risk due to the previously mentioned biological inflammation.
And, as I mentioned earlier on, women seem to enjoy the greatest health benefit when consuming high amounts of fruit and veggies, to the point that the death rate decreased when participants consumed a higher than traditionally recommended intake of daily fruit and veggies.
But men too gain a better health and longevity, and protection from the toxic inflammation and death rate associated with daily milk consumption.

So eat less meat, less milk, more fruit and more veggies and more protein from yoghurt and plant based foods and enjoy a longer and healthier and more fit life.

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