Homo Sapiens, the mutant child and our planetary surfboard on which we surf the Universe. Updated June 2017.

We surf across a sea of gravitational waves.
contemporary life & science is our own art

Planet Earth. Our bluish marble of brown and green.
Apex species. Planet Earth is inhabited by a rapidly evolving and diverse humanoid species which as this planet's current primary apex predator is actually made up by a wide range of multiple hominid species mutually forming it's diverse genetic origin and lineage.
Mutant name. Contemporary humans.
Planetary trajectory, unknown.
The entire planet, solar system and milky way galaxy dart and weave, jump and spin all over the place inside the known universe. It might feel as if it is this solid zen-like teacup of calmness, but in reality, it is constantly changing shape and form, mass, speed, and trajectory.
The speed of planetary travel can be measured as millions of kilometer per hour. ( Not millions actually, just 828,000 kilometers per hour to be exact )

Evolution of Contemporary humans

Contemporary humans.
Is that not quite a beautiful term for the ever changing range of humanoid species which we all belong too.
And is it not also true that we all evolve as nature intended for life to do.

[ Oceans run the risk of having more total weight of plastic than fish.]

Over time, we change and adapt.
As individuals, as well as this one family of global hominid species. Our mind and bodies and genetic markers evolve to life's current day by day conditioning. And this change, in body, mind and genes, it never, ever pause.
The conscious choices we make, and the daily conditions through which we live rewrites the insides of your body and mind, and it has a very real impact on the very DNA inside of you.

This is a clever adaptive design that covers all of life.
Our mostly silent but clearly evolving plants, bees, elephants, humans, water bears and cats.
We all adapt, evolve, change and transform, from cradle to the grave, and changes carry through across the generational gap in this endless loop that is life, birth, and death.
Contemporary humans and all other species for that matter do not just change due to what we do in our own daily life, but we all change by absorbing previous generations own genetic material.

We pick it up, the things our genetic parents did before our conception, we absorb what they do during pregnancy, and we take it with us, the shape and form of that genetic material as it happens to be at conception and birth. Most of the time nature thrive real hard to try and only absorb and hold on to the best traits from previous generations. But like with all things in life, human or nature made errors continually happen.
Making diversity a natural but pretty intelligently selective strength.
Far less random and chaotic as previously thought, sure mistakes happen of course, and at times, since evolution is so slow, surrounding circumstances will change much quicker than our genetic material can hope to adapt ( computer screens and blue light, for instance, our own beefed up neanderthal immune system is another good example, and climate change is another very relevant and current global change that is too quick for most species to keep pace with ).

Why, the term, contemporary humans?

But if you are still itching to find out why I am calling our one global species, contemporary humans instead of homo sapiens.
Well, I use the term contemporary humans a bit tongue in cheek of course, but also, because we are not the same as 300 years ago.
Nor are we even the same species as we were 60 years ago, or at the day of our birth.

And we sure as hell is not the same human species as we happened to be 2000 or 500 000 years ago.
Contemporary humans are ever evolving, and it is who we are today, come tomorrow, we will be slightly better and different, slightly more evolved.
Humanity evolves slowly, but also far more rapid than most give credit.

Changes happen in each individual over one single lifespan. And some of those changes are as capable of going backward as they are of going forward.
A very basic but obvious concept of how fast we actually adapt is the huge change from the ground up that you can choose to create in your own health and body just by cutting out unhealthy food and by starting to go seriously to the gym 4 to 5 days a week.
Lifelong, yet temporary, and profoundly deep and powerful changes not just in looks and athletic abilities, but deep and profound changes in mind, heart, cells and biological functions, changes that even rewrite your mind and body on the inside.

Today, we also know that Homo Sapien doesn't have just one species or individual as our genetic origin. Adam and Eve is a beautiful thought for those that need the comfort and mental safety net of a singular creator guarding our destiny, but the reality of it all is that we are all glorious children of not one genetic origin, but a multitude of completely different humanoid species, picking up the best traits and mutations from each of those species, and individuals as we continued to evolve along the way.

Making the vast majority of Earth´s current population, not only a genetic evolution of several ancient and contemporary human races but from the ground up a beautiful ever evolving mutant species.
Which when you trace our complete lineage and genetic makeup turn out to be something which can not be called a mere unchanging sum of all.

We are all the children of various homo sapien races, but like the silver surfer in Marvels cinematic universe, we also hurl through nature's evolving cosmos, riding a giant planetary surfboard that we call Earth.
We ride it together as something evolved and mutated, not just a mere good ol' homo sapien but something far more, something that is still evolving.

The cosmic ocean.

We ride the waves of cosmos, planets and galaxies and all their stars and species, weaving and bobbing the illusion of cosmos calm, pond like surface.
Like a leaf on giant stormy seas we might not see the waves ahead, nor might we feel the ever changing rise and fall of the sea. But like that leaf, we surf the galactic waves we know are constantly moving, unseen but never the less, moving and touching everything in our own milky way galaxy and the entire known universe.

Even tho we can not see those waves or their individual ripples that protrude across space with our naked eyes, we now have the technology that allows us to interpret it, and as such, today, we know that even time itself and the biggest stars all weave and float across those very waves.
As such, we all surf that glorious and wild ocean, not a singular human species that has walked the earth the same unchanged way since homo sapiens origin story that most likely happened in African. No, instead, we do it as beautiful mutant children, born of cosmic stars and material, a multitude of different contemporary races and ancient human species.
Each with their own unique genetic origin and adaptations and contributions to whom we are today.

Evolved and more, we ride this wave together, and we do it at the speed of light, traversing the vast unknown of space.
Individually speaking, we are all unique, and yet, connected little mutants, born a mix of Homo sapiens, Neanderthals, Denisovans and 'god' knows what more we will soon discover in our still changing family tree, but whatever the future reveals every single human being, every single genetic origin and hominid species there is, they have all contributed to our mutually shared ( yet individual ) genetic pool that is the individual we are today.
And so do you, the daily choices that you do and do not do.
You are rewriting your own genetic SSD every single day and second, leaving behind constant change and adaptation to the future of the human race.

And as such, it is that together, we, the still Earthbound contemporary human race, our planet, and entire galaxy surf through the universe at the crest of giant waves at a speed of millions of kilometer per hour.

The Milky Way Galaxy.

The Milky way galaxy is a small galaxy that in itself is still changing and soon will have millions of new stars to light up our sky at night. In part, because our entire galaxy is moving through the universe, it is not anchored in one singular place. It is like a Viking long boat hurling through the radiant storms towards brave uncharted waters :).
But, in part because we will also soon have millions of new stars with millions of more planets because life is so god damn amazing that a long, long time ago a giant cluster of stars and cosmic soup got tossed out of the milky way galaxy, and now it has turned a corner out there in the universe, taken a left or two and decided to simply fly back home to us :).
And of course, did I mention that new stars and planets form all the time. Yup, they do. They give birth, they live, they collapse and die and produce new material for new planets, stars and species.

So tell me now.

So Tell me now that life is not grand amazing.
But if you do, I will say.

You, my friend, might not be blind and deaf by nature's choosing. But still, you live by your own free will, slightly numb and blind and deaf.
Why is that?

By not seeing and wanting to accept life as it is, you are missing out, because life is grand, and man and woman are born all beautiful and perfect, yet still evolving. Pussy, clit, thoughts and all, we are all amazing. We and life itself are grand and gorgeous, a delight to enjoy as it is today and the ever-changing tomorrow.
And we are all so much more than any man-made fiction.

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