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The Wind In The Willows
by Kenneth Grahame
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A healthier life by Mike Koontz
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  • The Lost World, Take 74 From the chronicles of the birth of Life and Death on Earth. Origins of Photosynthesis.

    Quality time needed: 3 minutes

    The birth .. of death and life
    The Science of a healthy life

    I wrote this short little science blurb a little more then two years ago, so, to celebrate spring cleaning, open waters, the chirping birds and lustful people that all blossom like little flowers in the warming sun and bare legs season :).
    A road down memory lane together with the heathen horde of vile bacteria gunning for our mutual throats.

Last Few Published Books and Articles

  • The winter tree I see and 10 million Swedish Vikings, January 20, 2017.

    Quality time needed: 4 minutes

    20 January, 2017
    10 million Swedish Vikings

    20 Jan 2017 got to be the historic day when the raging Vikings of Sweden became a 10 million strong population.
    So let us take a look at the short historic population view of this beautiful kingdom of the North.
    Sweden has exported large numbers of Vikings across the world and the European continent on numerous occasions, like when the Swedish Goths raged across most of Europe, walking up and down, left and right for numerous decades after having migrated out of their home in Sweden. A million people or so also left Scandinavia for the USA during the wild west years, and countless of long and strange war´s on the European continent for what amounts to hundreds of years thinned our Viking population on numerous occasions.

    So it is more than likely that if we had exported fewer Vikings and embraced our current philosophy of peace earlier that we would have crossed the 10 million mark a very long time ago.

    But life is what it is.

  • Autumn Serenade, October Day II. In the year 4.5 Billion, A healthy body & mind conquers the mountain.

    Quality time needed: 8 minutes

    Autumn Serenade, October Hike
    The science & beauty of a fit and healthy Life

    Waking up to a freshly minted Autumn day, a slight touch of frost on the windows and a beautiful sun painting the auburn colored landscape that is waiting. Right there on the other side of the sheets of glass that bends light and offers a surface for water and air, warmth and cold to mix and match and play catch with each other.
    Transforming the same entity from juxtaposing but equally natural and connected states.
    A quick and nourishing breakfast, consisting of black coffee, Greek yogurt, some whole grains, an apple or two, a banana, water and a couple of fresh tomatoes and some protein powder mixed with the yogurt and whole grains. My camera is already fully charged, lenses are waiting in the backpack and a big bottle of fresh tap water.

    And off I go.

  • Our beautiful Planet. Every day is Earth day for all of us. Updated

    Quality time needed: 24 minutes

    A Mutual symbiosis
     Planet Earth, Animals, and Homo Sapiens
    The Science of a healthy life


    Today is Tuesday, or perhaps it is Wednesday or Monday, or even Friday at your corner of the world. But whatever the day and time, I hope that it is a beautiful day for you. It certainly is such where I am. The sun is shining and the air is as clean as it is healthy to breathe, and behind me, the coffee is brewing as I type these words. Even better still, in a few hours I have a romantic date waiting with my beautiful girlfriend.

    Yes, today is a beautiful day by all accounts.
    But today is also Earth day, or at least it should be.

  • Health: Sedentary living and obesity alters your brain in a negative way, just as much as it hurts your general fitness and health.

    Quality time needed: 7 minutes

    The health and age of your brain & how it correlates with Obesity
    The science of a Healthy Life


    You already know how we can rejuvenate and strengthen the health and fitness level, and physical size of our brain even at age 85 by lifting challenging weights on a regular weekly basis. ( read the 'a healthy biceps equals a healthy brain article' )
    But how about the opposite?.
    Will sedentary living and over eating harm or physically affect our brain earlier on in life in a negative way?.
    The answer is, of course, an absolute 'hell yes'.

  • Equality and superstition: Sangua Mama, a label born in lacking hearts and anger.

    Quality time needed: 11 minutes

    A label, Sangua mama
    Life in the Anthropocene

    A label, Sangua mama, born in lacking hearts and anger, and my humble, floral sun which is born in smiles and wonder.
    Once, she was a proud girl. Before their superstition and anger stripped her shivering soul bare naked in the streets earlier this year.
    Once, she smiled upon the rays of the sun. Before they cut her skin deep with knives, fueled by hate, fear, and a burning wish to destroy something dear and pretty.
    Once, she enjoyed making love. Before burning hot rods of metal had been inserted inside her genitals, tarnishing, and burning flesh, and destroying her sexual pleasures for all of life.

    Once, she proudly walked these streets of ours and the forest roads nearby. Once her mind jumped in joy as the fluttering birds let their song fly free upon the wind that caressed her hair. Once, was now the remnant memories of a calm reality before they tortured her outside in the burning midday sun, in the open street next to their own homes and quarters, outside in the view of the public eye, a torture meant to steal her life and pride in front of an ocean of cheering children, fearful people, and smug indifferent police.

  • Life is your art: a beautiful B/W thunderstorm timelapse video called 'Pulse', produced in 4K by Mike Olbinski.

    Quality time needed: 4 minutes

    Arctic Sunrise - Year 4.5 Billion
    a black and white thunderstorm

    The work and art is all mother nature and Mike Olbinski´s doing so I will let his own word speak, enjoy the watch.
    "For quite a few years now I've been wanting to do something different with my time-lapse films. I love color. Storms are full of color. The blues, the greens, the warm oranges and reds at sunset. The colors are sometimes what make a simple storm into something extra special.
    But black and white speaks to my soul. I love it. There is something when you remove the color that lets you truly see the textures, movement and emotion of a storm."

  • Wildlife Facts: Camelopardalis, 'The camel that could have been a leopard'.

    Quality time needed: 8 minutes




     Arctic Sunrise - Year 4.5 Billion
    The camel that could have been a leopard.


    One of planet Earth´s most unique land-living animals still roaming about in the wild also happens to be one of the cutest and most enchanting, and gentle colossuses that have ever existed. Yet, somehow, despite the towering size and unique characteristics of these majestic critters they are also one of the lesser talked about wildlife stars. And so it happens that by now they are like so many other species highly endangered without anyone really paying attention.

    But perhaps that is the reward that life gave these majestic beings that float across the land they call home as if they are majestic land dwelling whales. A backseat in the human consciousness as we proceeded to decimate their global population with 40 or so % in less than 30 years.

  • Life in the Anthropocene 2017 and onward. The Living Planet Report by WWF.

    Quality time needed: 8 minutes

    Our Arctic Sunrise, Year 4.5 Billion
    The Living Planet Report

    Anthropocene is a word I personally like. You encounter it quite often in the things I write and talk about. It is, in my opinion, a word that is as beautiful as it is powerful, and it is a word that shifts our entire world on its axis. This simple word encapsulates all that has progressed through human history, every single day of our global past and our shifting present day reality. It is our shared, mutual future.
    The word Anthropocene goes far beyond geology and hard to understand science. It captures the simple thing that is all our reality, the way humanity has lived and the cause and effect of it all.
    It also shows us the globally shared responsibility we all must shoulder. It is a word and a concept that defines the facts of our present day reality.

    This single word provides a focused lens that captures the changing reality of human life and planet Earth. There are no obfuscated truths here, no shadows to hide within. Life in the Anthropocene is the simple truth of life on Earth and it is the summary of the catastrophic effect modern day society has already had and continues to have. Not just on this planet, whose planetary bounds we have broken and shattered. But the industrialization of the last 100 years has harmed human life too, not just a few, but all of us.

    All the soon to be 10 billion homo sapiens and all the rapidly diminishing animals. We are all this single word.

    It communicates the urgency with which we must act and it shows us how the lies and global capitalistic worldview of infinite natural resources and exponential growth that greedy shareholders and owners rejoice at must come to an abrupt end. It tells us these things because we are no longer a small entity on a big and everlasting, infinite planet. We, the human race, are now a cataclysmic devastation on a small planet, where we have reached the saturation point in the last 100 years.

    One such truth is roughly 40% of all Giraffes being wiped out from planet Earth in the last 30 years, and no one even noticed it until now.

  • Arctic Sunrise - Year 4.5 Billion, the birth of a new year and the turning of pages in life´s tardigradous conversations.

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    Arctic Sunrise - Year 4.5 Billion
    the birth of one more year

    In front of me.
    The vastness of the arctic spreads it's wings over billabong and fields.
    Snowy valleys and frost clad mountains. It is all illuminated and painted by the lingering nightly shadows. Dressed up to play in the cold and vibrant arctic scenery.
    Fluffy white and deep ocean blue are the colors that mix so well with the pale red and yellow of the rising winters sun.

    The scene that unfolds before my eyes this morning was given even more depth by the plume of misty winters fog that effortlessly reached out into the sky to greet the warming blanket of the winter sun.

  • History: The day Hiroshima burned, August 6, 1945. A day to never forget.

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    The day Hiroshima burned, August 6, 1945
    B-San and Hiroshima
    Life and History on Earth

    Rewind, for a brief moment time, and dial it back all the way to August 6, 1945. Slow your time travel down and set the clock at exactly fifteen minutes past eight in the morning, Japanese time. And what you will now get to experience if you look up at the sky is the moment when an entire world shivered in pain, fear, guilt, relief, anxiety, doubts, death and disgust. It is the moment when an atomic bomb lit up the sky above Hiroshima. The moment when Miss Toshiko Sasaki sat down at her place in the Hiroshima plant office turning her head to speak to the girl sitting right next to her.

    It is today, a little more than 70 years since this day.

  • TLDR: The many health benefits of daily sunlight exposure. New study shines a light on increased T cell capacity and daylight.

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    & it´s many health benefits.

    We all know that natural sunlight helps our body produce essential Vitamin D.
    And today we also know that a small, daily dose of natural sunlight is equally beneficial for our mood and mental well-being, it helps us improve and maintain our bone health all through life. Reduces cancer risk and strengthens our immune system, possibly through the increase in the capacity of T Lymphocytes that daily sunlight exposure has proven to give rise to.

    In short, get a small 20 to 60 minutes dose of outdoor daylight, every day, all year round all through life. It is that essential for lifelong health in body and mind.
    So, go ahead and kick the lazy bug in the ass and just get some daily exposure outside in the sun.
    20 - 60 minutes per day.
    It is that essential for lifelong health in body and mind. No matter if you are a sedentary and unhealthy person or a kick ass fit and active super food eating beast :). To the surprise of some perhaps, make sure that the daily 20 to 60-minute exposure is free of protective sun-blockers.

  • year 5 in the 697 Olympic and our winter solstice. Life amongst snow & flowers.

    Quality time needed: 15 minutes

    year 5 in the 697 Olympic
    and our winter solstice
    life amongst flowers.

    Today we witnessed the sun at its lowest flying point of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, a glorious day called winter solstice. It is a juxtaposing day of newborn light and hope as well as the darkest day of the year with the shortest amount of daylight to be seen and felt. Well, in some places there is, of course, no daylight at all.
    Here in the Arctic, in the northern winter realms, the thing we call the polar night is in full swing this time of the year and the sun will not reappear in a real and proper way until 2017 have properly taken hold.

  • Short story: 'The common cyborg, 2028AD' a short stand alone sci-fi story from the near future book universe 2028AD. By Mike Koontz.

    Quality time needed: 7 minutes

    Standalone story
    The common cyborg


    This is a short stand-alone sci-fi story from my near future book universe 2028AD. You can read it as is, a short near future sci-fi story, served in a perfectly delicious coffee break bite size to entertain and brighten your day. Or you can read it as a slice of time picked straight out of the bigger story that is the shared book universe 2028AD.

    It is however, capable of standing on its own exactly as it is, but like life itself, it is also just one little photon that connects to all the others swimming in the one vast ocean together with each other :). Giving meaning and context, life and transforming movement and energy through its own ripples. And perhaps one day you will find out that this little snippet is very much a meaningful part of the bigger story that is waiting to unravel. And perhaps this story will reappear again, with a beginning and a continuation.

  • Alpine Swift. A little TLDR thing about the Alpine Swift by Mike Koonz.

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    The Alpine Swift Adventures

    The Science of a healthy life

    Today, with the falling snow outside, life is simply put beautiful enough to serve as the background for a short mention of one of life´s many wondrous aspects, the Alpine Swift bird.
    The Alpine swift is a migrating bird that enjoys one vast home stretching over the two continents of Africa and Europe. Two vast and separated continents that the Alpine bird will insist is in truth its own singular home.

    The amazing thing, mind blowing even if you ask me.
    For the Alpine Swift, Europe, is the nesting place, where it breeds and enjoy life more like a normal bird.
    Which I guess make Europe the Alpine Swifts bedroom and living room :P, because that is the only continent where it actually, you know.. Ever touch down and lands, to rest, breed and eat.

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