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MMA Workout
Body and Health through MMA
The Science of a healthy life

Movement in feet and body. Hooks, cross, jab, kicks and uppercut. Knees and elbows all combined make for a wonderful way towards better health and fitness. Mastering martial arts makes you better at self defense, sure. But more importantly it provides tremendous health and fitness benefit no matter age and previous experience. And it is great fun too, enjoyed as much by men as it is enjoyed by girls.  

Writing & workout plan by Mike Koontz

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Striking starts with the movement of your body & feets.

Yes, I know, everybody wants to bang right away.
And you will get to do just that. But, let us start with the basic movement because the way you move your feet and body is what actually builds the foundation for proper striking. Not to mention, great movement improves your defence and the general health benefits of training martial arts.

And the substantial health and body benefits of a fit and active lifestyle is, of course, the main reason why we are all here.

So let us start every lesson going forward with the late Muhammad Ali´s own philosophy summarized in this one simple sentence.

'Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee'.

Let those simple words create the foundation for your own MMA adventures and I promise you not just a lifetime of fun and rewarding workouts, but greatly improved health and fitness too. And if push ever comes to shove. Mastering a smooth and continuously fluid movement will allow you a way of fighting and self-defense that work wonders.

So, if we visually picture your lonesome self in a room with nothing but a standing floor bag, learn to move around and with the bag. From side to side, back and forth, up and down. Move with your strikes and the movement the impact will cause. Move with your own strikes and move with and away from inbound strikes.

Learning to fluidly move with a perpetually going movement weaving together technique to technique and fluid never pausing movement between stances, as you strike, without pausing for each kick and punch will give you a tremendous advantage against most fighters.

And health wise it will up the intensity and cardiovascular challenge by a pretty substantial margin. From the lactic build up and muscular drain in your muscles to your heart and lungs and your body fat burn. The body and health benefits of moving & striking while in motion are huge because it is much, much more challenging for your body to cope with. 

But there is no need to dive into the deep waters right away. Instead, you can start with the simple things.

Move with light feet, some like thinking of it as standing on your toes, others prefer having most of their feet grounded, yet learn to move with the same fluidity. Try it out, feel the difference and master the way you prefer to use your feet, but let a fluid, never ending movement be your primary goal.
Move back and forth towards and away from the bag, move side to side if you consider the floor standing bag the center of your world. Bend your knees and implement a vertical  movement too, and move your upper body up and down by bending your legs. Move your body, arm and legs, and feet with predominantly fluid, small movements.

Just like a dance.

Ali. move like a frisky butterfly, dance and strike baby.

Another option is the classic jumping rope getting you up on your toes and learning to be light on your feets while providing a very healthy challenge for cardio and coordination.

Another neat one to target early on is the switch "kick" stance.

Start with your left foot front and rapidly switch your stance by pushing off with your feets and in one fluid motion switching the entire stance both feet at the same time, so your right foot will end up as your front leg.

And depending on your skill and fitness level, this initial movement drill can be your entire workout early on. It´s perfectly ok to drill just your movement for quite some time.

Closing Words
[ The winding down ]

Strike 1, the jab

But, once you are ready to throw down as well as move.
Let´s do just that.

Start with the basic jab. Left foot and hand front, and jab with your front hand held up at face height. If it´s over the top for you to move and jab, plant your feet firmly and learn the distance, jab the bag lightly. Tap, tap, tap. It´s about technique and speed, not heavy hands. So keep it light, just as your movement.

Move like a butterfly, sting like a bee, remember?.

And in order to sting like a bee, always return your hand, with each strike, to its starting position in front of your face/chin/chest. Rinse and repeat. Jab, jab, jab. That never ending repetition will create the necessary skill and fitness challenge.

You can do the jab as a singular punch, or in two and three, and more, strike combos. It´s a stinging, fluid punch. Speed and skill make up the key to this highly effective punch. So, lash that bag like a whip with your hands. 
And once you feel that you have nailed the punch with planted feet it is time to evolve and learn to move and jab.

Back and forth, to the side, up and down, round and round the story go, work that bag and lash it like a whip.

Punch two. The cross.

Once you master the jab, next one up is the cross.
This is a much more powerful punch, so if you have your left foot/hand front, the right hand is the cross. And this punch starts with the rear foot, it moves through your turning hip and shoulders as you drive your momentum and hand through the target. This is not a whip that rips skin and causes chipping damage, this is a sledgehammer that crushes doors.

The cross is a straight punch.
It moves in a straight line from its rear starting position to the target ( body or face ), but do not rest with your arm out.

Hit and move, strike with power, but still like a pouncing tiger, vibrant and alert until the final kill. Pausing once you land your punch will leave you as unprotected as a wide open barn door would be, something you would obviously not want to do. 

Strike, and pull your hand back to the initial rear position.
And once you master the cross on its own, learn to initiate this punch by first doing the jab ,followed up by the cross together as one continuous movement.

Jab first, cross second. This really should be so fluid and smooth that it is as if it was one whole movement, not two disparate techniques. 

The third upgrade to the cross is to jab, cross and switch "kick".

While other, alternate versions would be to jab, cross and follow up with a hook or uppercut, or a jab,jab, cross, and straight kick, or roundhouse kick with your front or rear leg.

The combinations are endless really at this point and you can learn and evolve for an entire lifetime. I could go on for all eternity feeding you new combinations. But for now, learn to do a proper cross on its own, and to do it together with the jab.

The Hook, strike three.

For some, the hook is a close encounter punch.

Some do this while backing up with the opponents own strike hurling towards them, and as they back together with their enemies forward going movement they will strike the side of the opponents head or body. Others tie their hooks into an offensive jab and cross combination. Forcing your opponent to cover up or respond to your jab and cross can often open them up to a powerful and punishing hook and or kick towards their body, legs or head.

As you practice on the bag and you start to find a natural movement for your strikes, you will without a doubt, like most, find that the hook is easier and more natural to land when you do it with your lead hand. It is faster to do that way, and since it is closer to your target, it will connect easier and quicker, without leaving you as wide open as doing the hook with your rear hand will.

The traditional way to do the hook is by turning your front arm,leg and entire body with your punch. Keep the elbow at face height if you intend to strike the side of your opponents face. Some will tell you to bend your elbow 90 degrees, but plenty of fighters around the world find it far more natural to bend your elbow slightly less.

The answer is to simply go with the flow of your own body and the positions of you and the target. And the same thing holds true for how you turn your hands.

There is no real right or wrong, except to clench your hands ( to lower the risk that you break any of your own bones in your hand, those small bones in our hands are delicate and will break if you hit a hard bone or bag hard enough, unless you always clench your hand and hit the proper way ) and to hit with your knuckles and clenched fist as one flat concrete surface.

Having said that, there are of course striking techniques that will have you hit the target with the palm and side of your hand. Just as how some kicks are shin bone to target, while others hit with the heel and others with the toes or upper part of your feet.

But you do not have to worry about stuff like that if you are mainly training martial arts for the body and health benefits.

Rear leg round kick

Once you have those three punches down. Time to learn how to work your kicks inside your punches.

Start by planting feet down and simply jab relaxed with your front hand, and once you have your hand landing on your target, fire the rear leg. Kick low, towards the bags "leg/midsection" area. Hit the bag with your shin bone or at the very least the upper area of your feets. Do not try and kick the bag around the area of your toes. If you do that, you´ll increase the chances of hurting yourself, just as if you would punch the bag without clenching your hands. Learn to own the proper distance, allowing yourself to land your  kicks with the hardest areas of your foot and or the shine bone since that will reduce the wear and tear of your own body.

This is really the kick version of a cross or rear hook.

So start the movement with your feet and turn your upper body and front leg slightly to the side, by "following" the direction of your rear kicking legs force and movement - through the target. Once that movement is happening, let your rear leg simply follow that movement and drive the leg through the bag, try to kick so you can manage to turn your hips over and once you hit the target, that rear leg is more or less horizontal towards the floor.

This is a power kick. So let it sing and tear down the heavens :).
Jab to the face, kick low.

The follow-up is simple, jab, jab, cross and kick.

Switch kick

Once you have nailed the previous punch and kick exercise.
Time to once again upgrade your skills and go for the switch kick.

Jab, cross and do the switch "kick" movement. Moving your front leg back and rear leg to the front, and to do it fluid enough for it to happen in one single motion, it´s not a step, it´s almost a floating jump movement that has your feets flowing across the ground.

This time, however, once your front leg lands at what is now the rear leg position, fire an immediate round kick to the midsection/legs of the bag. This is still a powerful kick, but it´s about speed now.

So keep it light on your feet, move fluidly and smooth, sting like a bee and move between strikes and punches like a butterfly on fire.

And yes, this will exhaust you like few things will. And that is great!.

The alternative is to kick with the front leg instead of rear leg once you have finished the switch "kick" movement. Making it an even faster-kicking technique. Kicks, however, should always be weaved inside of strikes, or together with other kicks.

So keep those hands up, jab, jab, cross, kick - and follow up with punches and more kicks. Punch, kick, move fluid and smoothly in never ending perpetuity.

Repeat and have fun until I am back with harder and more varied mma workout ideas.

Oh, before I forget. How much and how hard?
I mentioned earlier that MMA is very much like a sprint interval workout. So treat it as such. Do these exercises and techniques in blasts of super high paced movement and full on strikes and kicks that drain you as if you would be running at full speed.

Do that for 30 seconds and rest for 10 to 15 seconds by lowering the pace.
Work your way up to an entire Spotify song by doing those intervals.

Then, rest by going at it for a lower pace during the first 30 seconds of the new song, before you once again up the pace to "sprint" levels. Rince and repeat.

When you lower the pace you do it by still boxing, moving and kicking at the bag. The difference is that you box and move in a slightly lower pace that allows you to recover.

But do not rest by dropping down on the floor.

Repeat this sprint based interval pace for 10 to 40 minutes. And you will have one hell of a workout that challenges your entire body. Muscles, heart, body fat, lungs and all.

It will benefit your entire body and health. Mood, blood sugar, body fat, endurance, strength and muscles, heart health and all. Do this with all the other things you have incorporated in your fit and active and healthy life. Do it one to three days per week.

No, really. As much as you might love martial arts, and people of all ages and both genders fall in love with these types of workouts right away. They are that fun and that effective, but it is also very taxing for your body, so you can not do it every single day of the week.

1 to 3 days per week is enough, you need time to recover from the wear and tear in order to improve your health and body instead of breaking it. Instead, learn to do daily low impact walks outdoors. Some yoga perhaps, lift some weights. Run once or twice per week, make love, climb some mountains. swim or just enjoy the garden.

Have fun until next time :).

Photography by NASA. This gorgeous photo of Saturns rings was taken in visible light with the Cassini spacecraft's narrow-angle camera on June 9, 2016.
It was acquired at a distance of approximately 1.1 million miles (1.8 million kilometers) from the rings.The real life scale is 7 miles (11 kilometers) per pixel. And how mindblowing is not that?

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    Here is my question:
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    Question number 24 in our School of Fitness.
    Chemotherapy is one of those crucial things that no one ever hoped to one day experience. But when the going gets real tough in life, its a life saver.
    However, undergoing Chemotherapy is no walk in the park and while it can save your life and defeat cancer, it will also take its toll on your body. So much so that a recent study from Australia revealed that just 13 weeks of chemotherapy caused the heart to age by an equivalent of six years.
    Here is my question:
    Can maintained fitness exercise during chemotherapy prevent the now established cardiovascular aging associated with chemotherapy?.

  • Fitness School, Do you know the right answer?. Question 23, How much will my daily fitness activity reduce the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease?.

    Quality time needed: 4 minutes

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    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 23 in our School of Fitness.
    How are you enjoying 2018 so far?. I am having a blast, in the gym and outside it, workouts are wondrously good and that is because I stay at it, week in and week out. Stay persistent with food and fitness people and reap the benefits in body & mind. Keeping to a daily fitness schedule is just a choice, after all, and a very healthy choice at that.

    And, for the next fitness school question, let us dig deep down on that word "persistent" and uncover just how much weekly fitness will scientifically aid your health on low, moderate and intense fitness levels.
    And as such, here is my question for you:
    Can as little as 30 minutes of daily low-level physical fitness activity reduce the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by as much as 24% compared to not doing that daily activity?.

  • Fitness School, Do you know the right answer?. Question 22, is there any difference at all in recovery capacity after a hard leg workout in the gym depending on your biological age?.

    Quality time needed: 9 minutes

    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 22 in our School of Fitness.
    2017 came and went in a glorious display of Northern lights. But now that we are all one year older. Let us take a look at that age-old saying that we recover worse and slower after a hard workout in the gym as we grow beyond our 30´s.
    Is there any truth to this at all? Or is this just one more thing that people got wrong in the name of lacking insight, age-related fears, and youth-obsessed peer pressure?.
    To put it simply.
    Will the 22-year-old you recover better after a kick-ass weight lifting workout in the gym doing intense deadlifts than the 50 year old you will be able to do, or can you safely go at it just as hard knowing that you will recover and improve just as good?.

  • Fitness & Health: Going plant-based with your food choices is one of the better food choices you can do.

    Quality time needed: 2 minutes

    Complete the circle.
    Every single day.
    Fitness, Food & Health, its just science baby, smiles, sweat and science :).

    Eating healthy is an essential part of every human beings healthy fit lifestyle.
    And like keeping active and healthy at the gym and in daily life it's a daily choice.
    Going plant-based with your food choices is one of the better food choices you can do. As long as you keep on top of your protein, your fat ( Omega 3 mainly ), iron, B12, Iodine and creatine going plant-based is very easy to do and super beneficial for health & fitness ( and the planet ).

  • The first day of 2018. A tiny micro-short story and the best fitness & health advice you will ever get in life. Let us kickstart 2018 and lay nothing but healthy fit days on the road ahead.

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    The arrival of 2018
    And the best health & fitness advice you will ever get.
    Life in the Anthropocene, its just science baby, smiles, sweat and science :).

    Enjoy a healthy fit, and happy 2018 people, but before I start our shiny new year by giving you the single best health & fitness advice you´ll ever get in life, a tiny little micro-short story to welcome you to the rest of your life.
    "the dragon that climbed the world of ice"
    'I watched it climb
    the world of ice that towered us both
    its mighty tail stung the icy cavern beneath us, like a spear it was thrust into the chest of the icy mountain, sending splatter of man-sized ice blocks and snow that bled into the bottomless pit, while it drove its left and right limbs into the frosty mountain above us

    and slowly
    over the endless void of time

    the dragon climbed its way upward
    through a world of ice that tried to hold us captive

    we climbed
    endless step by endless step towards the moon and the stars to hunt them one by one'.

  • Life in the Anthropocene & saving the endangered Rhino. Kenyan ultra marathon providing the adventure of a lifetime and a world improving good cause.

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    Health & Fitness
    And the ultra marathon to save the Rhino.
    Life in the Anthropocene is all about our global and individual responsibility.

    And in some ways, I can not think about a much better and more current way to emphasize our individual and globally shared responsibility than the Kenyan Ultra Marathon taking place in 2018.
    It's like all the other sports competitions ever done about the individual responsibility to shape and form your ongoing life and fitness journey so that you can endure and conquer that particular challenge.
    But it is equally much a team effort, to better our planet and to save the Rhino.
    As such it serves as a proxy for our own health, and our modern day pollution, the local and global poverty, the gender and class-based inequality, the competition itself, and the endangered wildlife and all the species rapidly going extinct across the entire world.
    We are all responsible. Individually and globally.
    And in that spirit, this ultramarathon is not just about bringing together runners from all around the world, it is also a marathon to save the endangered Rhino from going extinct, and to better the entire world.

  • Naughty xmas poetry "There are secrets hiding, in the xmas tree" and a merry winter solstice to you guys.

    Quality time needed: 4 minutes

    Winter solstice poetry
    a quality xmas
    and happy new year.

    Enjoy the rest of December people and make sure to allow yourselves and others the only gift truly worth something this xmas. And that is to breathe and exhale, relax and enjoy each and every moment.
    Do not suffocate each other or stress yourself out as you try in vain to achieve the perfect holiday, there is no such thing when it comes to the way we celebrate new years eve, winter solstice, xmas or whatever you call it.
    Chasing perfection and meaningless details are what kills that perfect day even before it starts. So just enjoy your day, yourself and each other the way you are.
    Have a good one and now, here is my perfect xmas in the shape of a naughty winter solstice poem ( and moment ) I am calling "There are secrets hiding, in the xmas tree", enjoy the read and the days ahead :).

  • Fitness School, Do you know the right answer?. Question 18, will obesity increase my risk of developing Alzheimer?.

    Quality time needed: 3 minutes

    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 18 in our School of Fitness.
    Obesity is no friend of any individuals longterm health. We all know that.
    But is cheering each other into obesity and being overweight also scientifically speaking, causing an increase in the risk of developing Alzheimer?.

  • Anthropocene: We have real global progress but also life diminishing quality for hundreds of million of people. Official UNICEF study.

    Quality time needed: 4 minutes

    Global progress.
    And diminishing lives.
    Life in the Anthropocene.

    In a world of global progress in a lot of important aspects, we can never close our eyes to the simple fact that hundreds of millions of people around this beautiful world are witnessing how their lives are becoming increasingly worse.
    “In a time of rapid technological change leading to huge gains in living standards, it is perverse that hundreds of millions are seeing living standards actually decline, creating a sense of injustice among them and failure among those entrusted with their care,” “No wonder they feel their voices are unheard and their futures uncertain.”
    - Laurence Chandy, UNICEF Director of Data, Research, and Policy.

  • Black Friday 20% off: fine art for the living room walls by yours truly.

    Quality time needed: 3 minutes

    The art of living.
    Fine art for the living room walls by yours truly.
    Black Friday discount.

    You pick the size, the framing and whether you prefer the white margin or zero margins on your print and there you go, parcel on the way.
    Printing & shipping is handled by the Swedish fine art gallery Printler and they ship to all of Europe.
    And for Black Friday you´ll even get a 20% discount, valid until Monday 27 Nov.

  • 'At the bridge to Asgard, sprouts and roots grow the ever tree'. Here we live in the age of the Anthropocene.

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    sprouts and roots
    A healthy you, is a healthy world.
    Life in the Anthropocene.

    'At the bridge to Asgard, sprouts and roots grow the ever tree' through the gates of life and death, and the turning of the Midgard snake.
    We walk beneath a starry sky, weaved by light and dark and obscured shades our eyes can not see.

    We melt and turn the tides of time, as we spill the soil between our fingers.
    It drips back down to where it came from, all while the ants and worms grow unseen layers of brand new soil.

  • Fitness & Health: 'Health at a Glance' is a European health report covering obesity around Europe in 2017.

    Quality time needed: 7 minutes

    Health at a Glance
    A European health report 2017
    Fitness & Health.

    Health at a Glance is a European health report for 2017. And in it the United Kingdom is revealed to be Western Europes most obese nation.
    So, perhaps, fish and chips and beer just isnt the best of national food obsessions.
    Another important highlight that bounces right back at you is how obesity in the UK has increased by 92% since the 1990s ( it´s been increasing in every nation btw, but good ol England is leading the pack ).

    And since we also know by now that obesity & overweight is not just about a individual increase in body fat %, which would have been perfectly fine and all down to personal preferences in body composition and aesthetics, but instead is directly tied to a huge increase in several health issues, such as diabetes & cancer and severely decreased quality of life and longevity.

  • Anthropocene & the annual 'good country index' is back for its worldwide summary with the year 2017. And Scandinavia once again dominates.

    Quality time needed: 3 minutes

    the good country index 2017
    Life beyond 2028.

    Sweden once again dominates the good country index, sort of making it an annual business as usual reveal in other words.
    Sweden is followed closely by another Scandinavian country, namely Denmark, which, is no real surprise, the Nordic nations can be found at the top of the world, year after year, after year in a long range of beneficial, quality of life metrics and studies.

  • 9 million annual deaths due to worldwide pollution in air, soil, water. Life in the Anthropocene.

    Quality time needed: 4 minutes

    9 million
    annual deaths due to worldwide pollution
    The art of living.

    Every year the number of people that die prematurely due to worldwide pollution keep on increasing. And right now that pollution in water, soil, air, chemical or work-related pollution is already taking the life of 9 million people around the world.

    Let us think about that for one more second, every single year 9 million people end up dying prematurely due to the modern day pollution we all contribute to.

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