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The Wind In The Willows
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  • And there it was, the first sunrise of 2014

    Quality time needed to read: 5 minutes

    As 2014 opens as an unwritten book before our very eyes and feets, 2013 has closed it´s chapters.

    A look back at 'a Norse View' author and photographer, Mike Koontz´s 2013 from a photographic point of view.

    Sometimes the serendipity and chaos of life are worthy of prose, other times it demands clear science and facts. Sometimes the insanity of life writes itself like a dystopian nightmare from the future.

  • Shooting stars and dying Rhinos

    Quality time needed to read: 1 minute

    life in the Anthropocene
    Vol. 05

    On Thursday, November 20, 2014 the "intensive protection zone" project that´s slowly been building up in the southern part of Kruger National Park saw an uptick in the urgency of relocating the illegally hunted and endangered South African Rhino to more protected areas of the vast national park when South Africa, home to 80 percent of the world's rhinos, announced the bleak reality that 1,020 rhinos had already been illegally killed so far in 2014.

Last Few Published Books and Articles

  • The beautiful alchemists. We live in a world whom have never had more of those beautiful little alchemists running around in the wild

    Quality time needed: 9 minutes

    November 30
    Remembrance Day for Lost Species & Thanksgiving before that

    People are by default, natural beings of magic and alchemy. Precious little things which like the words we so often squander carelessly around might appear to be near endless in number and as such perhaps to you feel like petty change a snowy day.

    But we all come into this world born with the same wisdom and magic and inherent limitless beauty.

    Words, and people.

  • Book: The Island of Doctor Moreau takes us on a sci-fi adventure inside a secluded island where a mad scientists conducts experiments on animals and people.

    Suitable for teens and up. Explicit storytelling and events.
    UHD book reading video TBA
    Long read Book (Days)
    The Island of Doctor Moreau is the account as it was retold by Edward Prendick, an Englishman who survives a shipwreck in the southern Pacific Ocean. A passing ship takes him aboard, and a man named Montgomery revives him. The ship is however merely transporting a number of animals to an island where gruesome experiments will be carried out on them. As they arrive at the island, the captain demands that Prendick too leave the ship with Montgomery.


    Author: H.G Wells
    Photography and web adaptation by Mike Koontz
    2017, a Norse View Imaging and Publishing

  • Remember Martha, the last passenger pigeon the world would ever see. Life in the Anthropocene and the remembrance day for lost species.

    Quality time needed: 9 minutes

    November 30
    Remembrance Day for Lost Species

    This article could have done with a photo of Martha, the last passenger pigeon the world would ever see, or perhaps a Tasmanian tiger. Perhaps I could have used a photo of the great auk, a beautiful bird we decided to swipe away from the face of this planet just so we could use its final strips of flesh as fish bait.

  • TLDR article: How many wind power turbines are needed to power the entire worlds energy production need?

    Quality time needed: 8 minutes

    We need 3,995,434 turbines

    So, there you go, a swift and to the point answer.
    But let us play just a little bit more with that simple and honest thought of how many wind power turbines we need to feed the entire world's global energy need with nothing but clean and sustainable wind power 24/7, 365 days per year. Well, you see, the thing is that the 4 million wind turbine answer, that is based on how things are today.

    No progress in technology and efficiency and zero other energy resources available.

    And that is of course not reality. The sustainable sector advances brutally quick.

  • Book: 'Russet witch' is a mature story with elements of both the supernatural, and the sensuous secrets spoken only between lovers. It was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Suitable for a mature audience. 17+ and up. Adult storytelling and events.
    UHD book reading video TBA
    Long read Book (Weekend)
    Another story from Scott Fitzgerald which, in his telltale disillusioned way shows us a life and relation not fully lived and enjoyed. But inside his bleak view of people, love, and life, you can also touch upon a grain of wisdom in that every person alive needs to choose their own way through life. To live a life that they love, to follow their heart, embrace their needs and pleasures and to do it, their very own way. Life doesn't come in repeat, so enjoy it fully and go where you want to go. And understand, and accept with a smile that the same free will and need for fulfillment, applies to everybody else too. And that is the heart of this incarnation of "Russet Witch"

    'Russet Witch' in this alternate take, adapted by Mike Koontz follows the life and choices of Merlin and his wife, their kids and his real love in life, the beautifully alive and open minded 'russet witch'.

    Photography, additional writing and web adaptation by Mike Koontz
    2017, a Norse View Imaging and Publishing

  • Health, Obesity and Genes. Why Middlesbrough is hurting their childrens health, and why bad genes hardly matter but healthy choices do. A short TLDR health article.

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    Health, Obesity and Genes, the science of healthy living cuts risk with 50% even with 'bad' genes

    Middlesbrough currently has the highest level of obese children ranging from 4 to 11 year old in the UK. In total England is estimated to have 198,036 overweight or obese children in that age group. But pointing that out has nothing to do with good looks and physical ideals, it has to do with health, however. Adults decide what children eat and how sedentary they are in that age group. At home, and at school.

    So be an adult and make healthier choices for all those children's future health. Sedentary living and unhealthy food choices, or simply overeating hurt individual health, and there is no way around that.

  • Global sea level rise by 2040 with 2c and 5c degree warming, a short TLDR science article

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    Sea level rise @ 2 °C would give 40cm rise on Atlantic coast. 5 °C up to 1.8m.

    Two degrees of global warming above our previous pre-industrial level is for the moment considered a level of climate change which we will have to simply live with. It is by now unavoidable in other words since we have already as of October 2016 reached global average temperatures 1.2 degrees Celsius (2.2 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels. Unless the world would go cold turkey today on fossil fuel and pollution, but not even that would keep us below that 2C warming as things are looking today.

    This “2 °C” threshold is likely to be reached absolutely no later than 2040.

  • Book: Naughty,sweet,adult - Wings of a Raven is the first book in a shared contemporary book universe. Mature storytelling and explicit events.

    Suitable for a mature audience. 17+ and up. Adult storytelling and events.
    UHD book reading video TBA
    Weekend read (Three Nights Bed time read)
    'Wings of a Raven' is the first book in a fictional story and universe taking place in what you can think of as something quite like our current world, right here and now.
    Populated by people of flesh and blood walking inside of their own equally beautiful, yet disturbing worlds and little lives that on the surface smells and looks and behave just like our everyday reality.
    Wings of a raven is painted upon a canvas of the imaginary, the grounded reality of science and modern day life just as much as the fantastical bestiary that dwells just beyond what our eyes normally can see.
    Delivered with a touch of horror, and sensual and sultry naughty love. Life and death, Science, and life mixing with the pagan realms and the horrifying unnatural.

    Photography, and writing by Mike Koontz
    2016, a Norse View Imaging and Publishing

  • Book: The Kalevala, Rune 1 to 4. A fictional Norse Adventure, shrouded in a veil of fog and ancient northern pagan times.

    Suitable for all ages, Teens and up
    UHD book reading video TBA
    Long read Book (Days)
    The Kalevala is a fictional book and poetic story shrouded in a veil of fog and ancient northern pagan times.
    Words shaping this story that herald from when we northerners walked the Earth as Vikings, Norse men and Scandinavians long before any Nordic man and woman where ever known to the world as a Viking.

    What you are about to set out on is a journey through an epic Finnish tale woven with a splash of Beowulf, part Iliad, ballads and poems, blood and bravery, snow and frost, gleaming wolves and dark beaks of soaring ravens.

    It is a fictional work but it is also all Nordic heritage, thousands of years in the making through Nordic myths and stories, real blood and history entwined with fiction of the most fantastical kind.

    The real origins of this story are today unknown since the fictional tales and real life behind it like so many other aspects of past Nordic days and history was for most passed down oraly instead of in written form.

    With that said
    Enjoy the read

    Photography and web adaptation by Mike Koontz
    2016, a Norse View Imaging and Publishing

  • Healthier Living: Solar Roof by Tesla is as much a global health product and choice for a better way forward, as it is a commercial product for energy production.

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    Solar roof by Tesla
    World improving health and posh electricity

    Solar Roof, the only way to build a roof that is as posh and stylish, and durable as it is is capable of improving world health. Yes, the latest tesla product improves your entire life & style.

    Off grid just got way more stylish and durable with the introduction of Solar Roof by Tesla. More durable than a normal roof, yet way prettier than your ordinary solar roof. And less costly than the combination of normal roof + solar panels.

    Quartz glass made solar powered tiles provide better insulation, life lasting strength and durability and off grid solar energy. In the winter the solar roof even keep itself snow free by generating heat.

    Don't feel like having your roof look exactly like the neighbor?
    Easy as pie, just order your own preferred look, there are several styles to go with, one is smooth steel looking kind of thing, another fav of mine has a grungy but gorgeous stone like thing going on. Roman like orange tiles is yet another one.

    Pick and choose once production and delivery go live in 2017.

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