Minority Report
by Philip K Dick
a Norse View, 2014
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The Wind In The Willows
by Kenneth Grahame
a Norse View, 2015
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  • And there it was, the first sunrise of 2014

    Quality time needed to read: 5 minutes

    As 2014 opens as an unwritten book before our very eyes and feets, 2013 has closed it´s chapters.

    A look back at 'a Norse View' author and photographer, Mike Koontz´s 2013 from a photographic point of view.

    Sometimes the serendipity and chaos of life are worthy of prose, other times it demands clear science and facts. Sometimes the insanity of life writes itself like a dystopian nightmare from the future.

  • Shooting stars and dying Rhinos

    Quality time needed to read: 1 minute

    life in the Anthropocene
    Vol. 05

    On Thursday, November 20, 2014 the "intensive protection zone" project that´s slowly been building up in the southern part of Kruger National Park saw an uptick in the urgency of relocating the illegally hunted and endangered South African Rhino to more protected areas of the vast national park when South Africa, home to 80 percent of the world's rhinos, announced the bleak reality that 1,020 rhinos had already been illegally killed so far in 2014.

Last Few Published Books and Articles

  • Armillaria ostoyae and the ephemeral size & life of the Universe. Science light article.

    Quality time needed: 9 minutes

    Everything living continually evolves
    even the blanket of life we call the universe

    As my readers well know, the universe is in constant flux. Stars and planets, black holes and moons, they give rise to new babies, they kill, devour, swallow and merge. What once was, might tomorrow be something entirely new. The stars we look up at during night actually move, they dimm, they grow bright, shape and mass will change, they multiply, divide, shrink and die. Add to that our ever growing scientific understanding of life and the universe.

    Recently we realized that the universe we can see have trillions of more galaxies than we had previously understood.

  • Our health and the European Medicines Agency: Farmers in Spain (ab)use 100 times more antibiotics per unit of livestock than Norway.

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    European Medicines Agency
    strong antibiotics use still growing on European farms

    Short and sweet: Data reveals that while European farmers thankfully are now using a lower total amount of veterinary antimicrobial agents in animals, compared to the previous year, the use of strong and potent antibiotics in some European nations, such as colistin have worryingly continued to increase.

    These types of antibiotics, which are classified as critically important in human medicine should due to the health and well-being of people not be used at all in food and farm production. This is due to the natural ability of bacteria to mutate and evolve. So by over using crucial antibiotics on livestock animals instead of simply treating the animals better and saving the medication for critically ill people we are increasingly seeing cases of bacteria, spreading to humans, which are already resistant to even the strongest of current antibiotics.

  • Planet Earth: “Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too.”. This is our life in the Anthropocene, today and tomorrow.

    Quality time needed: 22 minutes

    Excessive Air Pollution, soil degradation, polluted water, unsustainable energy. Unhealthy food production and sedentary living is damaging life and health of almost every human being
    The Science of a healthy life

    This is a long form article covering our individual and global, planetary health and the way it is all linked together, today and every tomorrow from here until eternity:

    WHO, the U.N. health agency revealed September 2016 that 92 percent of the global population now live in areas where human-made air pollution exceeds what WHO consider safe for your health.

    All while ever-increasing global temperatures and increasing frequency in weather-related disasters keep making not just daily life but also food production and food security harder for all.
    A basic premise and reality which will have to go hand in hand with a growing worldwide population. A population that deserves a healthy and fulfilling life.

    But, not only is one in nine deaths worldwide in some way caused by air pollution. Perhaps more importantly, beyond that number, hundreds ( billions actually ) of millions of people are affected in their daily life with various health issues due to human-made pollution and other unhealthy aspects of modern day life of some sort.

    So the question should not be 'can we afford to go healthy and sustainable'.

    No, instead, the reality already is 'How fast can we go all sustainable and healthy, because we already know that we can not afford to not do it'.

  • The ephemeral beauty of perpetual life and healthy, fulfilling relations: Updated.

    Quality time needed: 10 minutes

    Ephemeral life
    It passes swiftly and precious by, each day a new canvas of infinite, but finite in days, possibilities to do and enjoy your way

    In the summer of 2014, my long and wildly wonderful life which I have always lived by my own choosing, in a world of infinite beauty was somehow, still gifted with the by far, best days, and moments and joy of my entire life up until this very point.

    Made unique and perfectly complete, not due to the grandness of those moments, nor the words, price tag or anything superficial and equally irrelevant. But instead, the individual parts and the sum of it all was made complete and wonderful due to being enjoyed together with the love of my life.

  • October 10, a misty sunshine morning down by the lake. A perfect slice of life as told in a slightly mature short story.

    Quality time needed: 9 minutes

    October 10, morning by the lake
    Our rowing boat and the white-tailed eagle

    As life progress across the expanding space that is time and the growing universe, it touches each and every one of us.
    Changing us from the inside out, simultaneously and incrementally steering a continual change in both the largest and smallest of ways.
    This gradual transformation caused by life and your own actual needs and healthy choices, is as wonderful as it is taken for granted, but in truly rare everyday life moments, as life reach out to touch you as you cast yourself out to enjoy the untamed and never ending torrent that is life, something remarkable sometimes happens and in those moments you and life find yourself mixing and merging to change the wild waters of the entire universe through that very same unilateral and symbiotic touch.

  • Cancer and mortality and age related decline when living a sedentary life Vs a fit and active lifestyle.

    Quality time needed: 8 minutes

    Reducing cancer risk by keeping fit and active
    Your Fitness Tribe

    Researchers recently found that a high level of cardiorespiratory activity was linked to a much lower risk of lung and colon cancer in middle-aged, and older men. Unrelated of age, both men, and females diagnosed with cancer also lowered their risk of dying if they maintained or started to do a high(er) level of fitness.

  • World Health Organization: Nine out of 10 people worldwide suffer from the negative health impact of excessive air pollution, including stroke, heart disease and cancer.

    Quality time needed: 3 minutes

    Excessive Air Pollution
    Is hurting almost every human being
    The Science of a healthy life

    This is a short 10-second news snippet regarding our individual and global health: WHO, the U.N. health agency revealed in a new report published September 2016 that 92 percent of the global population now live in areas where air quality exceeds what WHO consider safe for your health. Southeast Asia, eastern Mediterranean, and the western Pacific regions are the hardest hit but it apply to the entire world.

    The worldwide data broken down to national and regional accuracy was produced from new satellite surveillance as well as traditional measurements of pollution, in about 3,000 places across the world.

    Not only is one in nine deaths worldwide in some way caused by air pollution, but perhaps more importantly, beyond that number, hundreds of millions of people are affected in their daily life with various health issues due to human-made air pollution. So the question remains, is it not time we all realized the immense health as well as financial toll of not adopting a far more sustainable and healthy way of life in society. People talk about the cost of going green and clean, but it is quite obvious the other way around.

  • Homo Sapiens, the mutant child and our planetary surfboard on which we surf the Universe. Updated.

    Quality time needed: 10 minutes

    We surf across a sea of gravitational waves
    The Science of a healthy life

    Planet Earth. Our bluish marble of brown and green.
    Apex species. Planet Earth is inhabited by a rapidly evolving humanoid species which as this planet's current primary apex predator is actually made up by a lineage of multiple humanoid species as it's diverse genetic origin.

    Mutant name. Contemporary humans.
    Planetary trajectory, unknown.

    The entire planet, solar system and milky way galaxy dart and weave, jump and spin all over the place inside the known universe.
    Speed of planetary travel, millions of kilometer per hour. ( Not millions actually, just 828,000 kilometers per hour to be exact )

  • Box your way to increased health and fitness. The beauty of MMA.

    Quality time needed: 16 minutes

    MMA Workout
    Body and Health through MMA
    The Science of a healthy life

    Movement in feet and body. Hooks, cross, jab, kicks and uppercut. Knees and elbows all combined make for a wonderful way towards better health and fitness. Mastering martial arts makes you better at self defense, sure. But more importantly it provides tremendous health and fitness benefit no matter age and previous experience. And it is great fun too, enjoyed as much by men as it is enjoyed by girls.

  • The Science of shaping your Gluteus for better health and fitness: Hip Thrust

    Quality time needed: 7 minutes

    A fit ass
    will benefit your entire body
    The Science of a healthy life

    Squat, Deadlifts, Lunges. The holy trinity of leg and ass workouts. And for good reason. They shape you, push you, and evolve your entire body and health better than anything else out there. But, there are of course a lot of other exercises out there that also work. One of those is the odd bird called 'Hip thrust'. And while I usually prefer compound exercises over smaller and more focused exercises this is actually a wonderful exercise for keeping your ass not just fit and toned, but as a side effect your entire body healthy and strong as well. In fact, as far as your gluteus go, Hip thrust is scientifically speaking the number one exercise when it comes down to isolating & activating that delicious looking thing that is your ass.

  • Sustainable Food: Designed eco prawns. Sustainable, healthy, eco and animal friendly prawns.

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    Healthy living & Tasty Food
    Sustainable Designer Prawns
    The Science of a healthy life

    We all know that seafood has the potential to stand right next to chicken ( and insects :P ) as the by far healthiest meat options. But seafood is not at all an easy choice since it has it´s fair share of major issues. Over fishing, depleted and completely unsustainable fish stocks. Insane amount of human caused pollution in the sea ( which affect both our own health as well as the health of a long range of animal species ), lackluster nutritional information, and even human slavery. There is a lot of reasons why anyone conscious enough to live a healthy and active lifestyle would choose to not include seafood in their daily food choices.

    So, how about the best thing? The taste and texture and nutrition of shrimps, but without all the negative side effects of the fishing industry?.
    Enter, eco friendly and sustainable algae-based, vegan shrimps.

  • Healthy and tasty food: Fresh Scandinavian cloudberry smoothie

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    Healthy living & Tasty Food
    a fresh taste from the Scandinavian wilderness
    The Science of a healthy life

    Keeping fit and healthy requires not just daily physical activity and proper recovery, those activities and your ongoing health demands tasty and healthy food to fuel your body and mind with the needed energy to maintain your own health and fitness level.
    And our Scandinavian cloudberry smoothie is just that. Tasty, quick to do, and stuffed with delicious health.

    Fresh cloudberries or blueberries. Sugar-free and ecological yogurt and kvarg ( think really creamy greek yogurt, smooth like the sweetest vanilla ice cream ever tasted, and choke full of proteins ).
    And if needed, you can spice it up by adding a tiny little bit of luxurious real whipped cream and cacao on top.

    Read on to get the super easy and super healthy recipe in full.

  • Individual health is global health, and vice versa: How to feed 10 billion people.

    Quality time needed: 4 minutes

    Healthy living & Tasty Sustainable Food
    is the sweet answer
    The Science of a healthy life

    Farming 2.0 which makes use of both high tech advancements in technology and science, as well as sustainable, organic principles holds the key to feeding our global population while also preserving our planet.

    In a study published earlier this year, scientists making use of 500 different food production scenarios focused in on the task of feeding a global population of 9.6 billion people without expanding our farmland footprint which we already use.

  • Fitness: Biceps, Abs and Triceps workout, viking style.

    Quality time needed: 8 minutes

    Biceps & Triceps workout
    'Like a Viking'
    The Science of a healthy life

    This weeks biceps and triceps workout took place today and I decided to switch some minor things up, resulting in a wonderful and sweaty challenge.
    After 5 set of close grip bench press for triceps I decided to create one giant set by combining dips ( triceps ) and barbell curls ( biceps ) with a special biceps pull up version of "hanging leg raises". I repeated this giant set 3 times before finishing my workout with 3 set of biceps dumbbell curls for each arm ( no rest between sets for those dumbbells ) and one more set of hanging leg raises.

    In addition, todays workout ended with 5 minute of sprint intervals and 20 minute of mma.  

  • The global Environment Performance Index: Scandinavia sweeps the top 4 as the worlds best.

    Quality time needed: 8 minutes

    Environmental Performance Index
     Scandinavia leads the world
    The Science of a healthy life

    2016 years Environmental Performance Index tells us in one more way, what we already know, and that is that Scandinavia is one hell of a wonderful place to live. The world's four best nations according to the index are all Scandinavians with Finland, Iceland, and Sweden being the only 3 nations in the world with an EPI score above 90.
    ( All three still have plenty of room to improve much more, and obviously do need to improve much more. )
    And just behind that trio, ranked as number four in the world is Denmark. So, just what is the Environmental Performance Index? Read on to find out.

  • Our beautiful Earth. Every day is Earth day for all of us. Updated

    Quality time needed: 18 minutes

    Mutual symbiosis
     Planet Earth, Animals and Homo Sapiens
    The Science of a healthy life

    Today is Tuesday, or perhaps it is Wednesday or even Friday at your corner of the world. But whatever the day, I hope that it is a beautiful day for you. It certainly is such where I am. The sun is shining and the air is as clean as it is healthy to breathe, and behind me, the coffee is brewing as I type these words. Even better still, in a few hours I have a romantic date waiting with my beautiful girlfriend. Yes, today is a beautiful day by all accounts.

    But today is also Earth day, or at least it should be,

  • Equality and delicious sex, the sweet nectar of a healthy life. Updated

    Quality time needed: 14 minutes

    Sex, and People
    The sweet nectar of a Healthy Life

    I actually wrote the foundation for this piece a couple of years ago. But the subject, insights, and the all-encompassing conclusion is every bit as important and right today as it has always been and always will be.

  • The wild animals we live and work with in mutual symbiosis. African honey hunters and the honeyguide bird

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    Mutual symbiosis
     Wild animals and Homo Sapiens
    The Science of a healthy life

    Once, we hunted with wild wolves. Not from domestication or forced cooperation. But instead, humans and equally wild wolves formed a natural and mutually beneficial symbiosis between two predatory species. Just as how we and wolves, once hunted together with wild ravens in the cold north. Fast forward to 2016, and this natural evolution that at times have allowed humans to work together with wild animals have given us another wonderful cross species partnership.

    This time, the greater honeyguide bird species and human honey hunters in northern Mozambique, Africa are the ones that work in tandem to conquer the sweet treasures of African bees. And unlike so many other animal/people relations, this is a real partnership benefitting both species equally much and initiated by the birds as often as it is by the human honey hunters.  

  • 7 day workout plan. V03 - Like a Viking

    Quality time needed: 8 minutes

    7 Day workout plan
     V03 - 'Like a Viking'
    The Science of a healthy life

    Welcome to the third version of our 7 days long, one-week workout plan for increased health, strength, lean muscle mass, and cardiovascular performance. This round is paying tribute to all those fit and brave old Norse men and women that traversed beyond the boundaries of our known world. So do it like a Viking and kill it in the gym with an unyielding will. 4 days of lifting intense, challenging weights pushing beyond your own limitations each set. Every set will have you using drop sets, and once you are done lifting weights, every workout is followed by 100% 5-minute long sprint interval rushes.

    In addition, 2 days of cardio/MMA classes, and 7 days of lower every day paced cardio.  

  • Fit and healthy - 7 day workout plan. V02 - Healthy fit. Toned & girly chic

    Quality time needed: 7 minutes

    7 Day workout plan
     V02 - 'Healthy fit. Toned & girly chic'
    The Science of a healthy life

    This is the second of our 7 days long, one-week workout plan for increased health, strength, lean muscle mass, and cardiovascular performance. This time aptly named for it´s target group, girls of all ages that would like to improve their health and fitness level while also ending up with a more petite and feminine toned body in the style of Minka Kelly . 2 days of lifting challenging weights. 3 days of classes and more intense cardio and 7 days of lower every day paced cardio is what awaits you in version two of our complete workout plans for a life of real health and fitness.  

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